Our Thanksgiving Breakfast: Sirloin Steak And Egg Scramble (Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Been pretty much absent again for the past week and a half or so. Tracy has had me out in the garage every spare minute doing metal fabrication on all kinds of things for her to give to friends as Christmas presents. I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel though. One on the bench to prep and paint and only one more to do after that. I just needed to take a break for a few minutes but will be back out there later, hard at work. Been kind of an interesting time, that's for sure. Built some really cool and creative things for folks. A great learning experience without a doubt.

Now to the thread. Most folks are focused on Thanksgiving dinner, which is understandable being that it's a centuries-old tradition and a time for friends and family to gather. I'd be willing to bet however that it's not the only meal most people enjoy on Thanksgiving day. Tracy and I rarely get the opportunity to enjoy a nice breakfast together so when we do, I try to make something interesting. Decided to have a bit of fun with this one and being that steak ad eggs (well, steak and anything) is a favorite of mine, decided to go that route.

An 11 ounce CPB sirloin steak, onions, and jalapenos.

Cut up the steak and into the electric skillet with a sprinkle of my beef rub.

Lightly brown the steak and add the veggies.

Get the cheddar cream sauce going.

Gently cook the veggies and crack 5 eggs into the skillet.

Mix it all up really well making a putrid looking mess. There's just no way to do scrambled eggs without them looking horrid.

Cook for a few minutes till the eggs firm up.

Plate the eggs and steak, top with the cheese sauce, garnish with green onions, and serve with tortilla chips.

And of course the close-up.

Man this was good!! Hearty, filling, and super tasty. This is my first breakfast post in a long time but I sure wish we did breakfast around here more often. Something about a meal like this is just a great start to the day. Simple, basic, and off-the-charts good. Sets the perfect tone for a nice nap in a little while :emoji_wink: We did put on a very nice dinner for some friends but the last thing the forum needed was another turkey post from me so I didn't even bother taking pics. All in all, a day full of really good food that we were thankful to enjoy and share.

Y'all take care and hopefully will be back later.

I like the addition of the cheese sauce Robert. Next level stuff.

Point for sure
If that is looking horrid, I am in anytime. I would need to go back to sleep after that meal!
Robert, that "putrid looking mess" looks unbelievable, right up my alley., buddy! Breakfast isn't something I eat very often, always seem to be too busy with fishing in the mornings, until now.

Good to see that you're more than a "one trick pony"...😉
Looks wonderful Robert, the most important meal of the day and one I hardly ever eat. How about some pics of what you have been working on! RAY
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no way to do scrambled eggs without them looking horrid.

Like said above , that is not horrid. Looks great Robert.

We love our eggs done like this.
I normally do up a package of bacon the same way but I add lots of
cheese slices and cover with a couple drops of water to steam the cheese to melt.

The only thing really different is we di it lots of times for supper also

And like sawhorseray sawhorseray mentioned .... maybe a couple pictures of the trees and things you are fabricating, if that is not too nosey

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That is a fantastic looking breakfast Robert. Nice having morning time with Tracy. Looks like we have some warm weather this week. Hopefully have day where the wind is not blowing hard to go fishing. Lake Texoma has come up a whole foot since summer. Still need a lot of water!
I like the addition of the cheese sauce Robert. Next level stuff.
Thanks so much Chris. I appreciate it. we really like that cheese sauce on a lot of things but it seems as though my favorite meal to use it with is breakfast for some reason.

If that is looking horrid, I am in anytime. I would need to go back to sleep after that meal!
Thanks so much Cliff but let's be honest...scrambled eggs mixed up with a bunch of stuff just does not look good sitting in the skillet :emoji_laughing: I guess the end result is all that matters though.

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