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  1. Well this certainly isn't smoking.  Here in England there is a trend of "hand made" "hand cut", "home made" chips ( crisps for my U.K. friends ).  Maybe the same has happened back home in the States.  I love a good smoked burger and or smoked meat sandwich.  Just now and then it just hits the spot.  I just know some of you have tried this.  These chips are thicker than the well know brands so you get a REALLY crunchy chip and more of a potato flavour.  I have /do serve the usual sides of beans, potato salad, coleslaw, fries etc. depending on my mode but thought some home made chips might be another string to the bow.  The problem with these chips is that these "designer" chips are quite a bit more expensive in relation to the well known brands.  So far what I have read is that the potato needs to be sliced to an equal thickness and that the "chips" need to be rinsed well to get rid of some of the starch.  I have read of using ice water, salted water and or both to do this. I do have a mandolin and all my fingers so the slicing the same thickness should be ok.  What I can't find is the process.  What to soak the chips in?  How long?  The oil temp for frying?  Any advice would be helpful.  If no one has tried this I'll just have to give 'er a whirl and report back.  Thanks.  Keep Smokin!

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    I'm not the pro at this ,but I do make some time to time.  Other than being fried in a cast iron skillet, the prep is similar to fried potato's which we have when deep frying fish.  

    Boil potato's for ten minutes, cool, slice, quick rinse, pat dry then place in deep fryer a few at a time and fry until golden brown.  Turn onto paper towels and ad kosher salt or desired seasoning to taste.  It certainly doesn't hurt to pass them through some smoke if desired also.

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    Danny I soak my sliced taters in ice cold water. I usually do this for 15 minutes drain then do that two more times. Total 45 mins.
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    If you have a metal mandolin with the wavy blade on it I'd say make gaufrette chips! They look really cool and you'll get a lot out of each potato.

    All you have to do is adjust the wavy blade to barely cut the potato and then each pass over the blade turn the potato 90 degrees. Voila, waffle cut potato chips!
  5. Thanks guys.  Yes I do have a metal mandolin and the wavy blade.  So one pre cooked and another just soaked.  OK.  Guess I'll give each a try.  What do ya reckon; get the oil JUST smoking and then a few at a time till golden brown?  Keep Smokin!

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    You can fry them in oil, or you can bake them. When we bake them we coat lightly with olive oil and season. Place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. cook until golden brown on one side flip and cook until brown and crisp.
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    Should mention that we run the oven at 375° when doing baked chips. For frying we heat the oil to 365°-370°
  8. Thanks Case.  That soaking time and oil temp is what I was looking for.  Gonna give these things a try.  How hard can it be?  It is after all just a fried potato.  Thanks for all the help folks.  Keep Smokin!

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    Hi Danny. I have found that the best way of getting the tastiest chips is to buy them - lol. I have never quite managed to successfully replicate that synthetic prawn cocktail chip flavour at home.
  10. OH NO WADE!  I was trying not to embarrass the U.K. folks by telling the U.S folks that you actually have a shrimp cocktail flavoured potato chip here.  Oh well the cat is now out of the bag.  Ham and English mustard chips, Something and ketchup flavour.  And to think that originally McDonalds and KFC could not GIVE AWAY their food on the streets of London.  OH! how the mighty have lowered their standards!  [​IMG]   I mean a BUNCH of REALLY nasty sounding combos.  What about fried potatoes a little salt and maybe some black pepper?  Keep Smokin!

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    My favorite, which beats anything store-bought:

    1.  Remove the skin

    2.  Thick cut the potato, sort of the thickness of KFC fries

    3.  Salt to taste, roll in flour, and fry at 375 degrees Fahrenheit in vegetable oil (or whatever oil you like that won't burn at 375) until done (about 5 min.)

    You can pan fry or deep fry, they're both good. I'd give a slight edge to pan fried. It sounds too simple to be good, but oftentimes simple is the best (Why do you think McDonald's is the best-selling fry in the world?). Try it and be amazed.
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