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  • continued

    3- do you double smoke any of your cheese as i just saw and tasted this the other day
    4-do you ever do any marinading of your cheese .. say , fruit wine , or maybe syrup , you see i have ,and well some of this wasn't to bad .. while the other ... well lets just say i have to go back to the drawing board on that one.
    smoking Cheese , questions

    hey there Wade are you doing .. i have been reading a bunch of your posts about smoking your cheese... and i have a few simple questions here for you .
    ! -what kind (type ) of cheese are the better ones ..
    2- i understand that fruit smoke of some type is usually the better for taste
    Hi Wade,
    I have been reasding your reviews on the callow smoker or (cook4all) and noticed that you said a new and improved version was due for release at the end of june, do you knwo if this is still the case and if so where I would be able to purchase one?
    I see thats there are some for sale on internet gardener website but I'm not sure if these are the most up to date versions.
    Thanks for your help :)
    Hi Wade

    I have finally built my brick smoker and recall you posting something about the calculations for the flue and chimney dimensions to ensure a correct effective draw.

    Are you able to provide your original link so I can figure out what i need to do.

    Many thanks

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