Boudin, The Cajun Burito!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by foamheart, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. foamheart

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    Boudin is nothing more than stretching a little bit to feed a lot in a convenient go package.

    Cajun homes when I was a kid had left over rice from supper at least 5 or of 7 days a week. Serious, the dogs loved it and there was little if any dog food ever bought. You use the left overs, poor choice of words, the extra you bought with the normal supper meat. Standard foods are cooked with onions and garlic, this time no bell peppers or celery but I am sure its been done. So everything except casing is always around.

    Zones; Again in Louisiana boudin types are regional. Basically there are two different types, no not plain and blood although we'll get to that soon enough. There is cooked and fresh. The fresh is predominate over around the Cracklin trail area of SW Louisiana. Its white, with some shallot top, lots of moisture, and I guess you'd call it raw casing. Its good! When in college nearly every Sunday I bought a pound package, they will heat it up in the microwave in the 7/11 store. Grab a 6 pack and head for the park with my guitar. If you didn't have a knife you had to suck the boudin out the casing cause you couldn't break or bit thru it!

    Then there is the cooked and/or smoked boudin which consists of the above with more flavor modifiers and its cooked before stuffing or making balls or patties. The great boudin cooks cook the meat all day long in a crock pot till it completely falls apart. Its good, but IT sucks all the flavor out of the string meat. No mistaking it is good too though.

    On the river its about the same but we just make it and get on with the day. LOL Gather up the left over rice, the extra pork steak, onion, garlic, green onion, parsley, and a piece of fresh pork liver, if fresh pork liver is not available and it seem that pork no longer have livers anymore, use some chicken livers.

    Someone needs to enlighten me why the only liver available anymore is thin sliced cryopac'd frozen and thaws to mush Ewwwww..........

    Ok, I made some boudin with my new Baby LEM stuffer.

    Fresh ingredients is what cooking is about IMHO. Fresh Parsley and green onions make anything better, add some good hard garlic and an onion that drips juice when its cleaned Its doesn't matter what you make, it would be good.

    Nothing here but the extra pork steak (not to be confused with a ham steak), a half dozen chicken gizzards, cooked down in water w/onions, garlic, salt, cayenne, a bay leaf and a pinch of thyme. Cooked till tender. Meat removed and the juice reduced with the flavors and proteins thickening it.  BTW that skillet with the handle burned off that it is cooking in was my parents wedding present from his parents because grandpa was working there at the time.

    Remove the bone, taste and adjust seasonings, grind up everything else, add to the rice. Once its all incorporated check the seasonings again, rice sucks that stuff up. Also check the moisture content, I added another 1/2 cup of water with chicken crystals, onions, and some garlic compound butter (That's the secret ingredient!). Here is where I add the finely chopped green onions tops, parsley, and minced onion from the bottom of the green onions. Yes its raw, but its small. Adjust the seasoning uno mais tiempo!


    Clamp that new baby down and fill her up, and lets crank out some boudin! Think I'll name her Bertha after and old girl friend who was always putting the squeeze on me! I like it, well made, and I don't need a 2 foot cheater pipe!

    Look at that lovely boudin. I really made the links a little long, but that's because you have to eat it by the link and I like boudin! I actually have something planned for another cook with the boudin.

    I went ahead and lubed the boudin and covered it up with plastic wrap for tonight. Dry pork casing tends to break, so I am keeping it oiled until I can smoke it tomorrow.

    So until tomorrow, thanks for looking in.
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  2. papap

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    Goes to show there is lots of ways to make it. Never tried this way. Make mine with pork butts and I only grind the liver. The pork is so tender it just falls apart while stirring in the rice.
  3. disco

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    I never had Boudin until I met a cook on an American aircraft carrier. He was from Louisiana and introduced this uneducated Canadian to Boudin and dirty rice. A fellow cook of his told him to stop feeding me garbage and introduced me to sweet potato pie and grits. I never did develop a taste for grits but the rest were some of the things that started me looking for different and better food. 

    Your Boudin post has taken me back to those days. It looks great. Will it last through the delivery to the Canadian Rockies is the question.

  4. disco

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    I forgot to mention, it is about time you got a good sausage stuffer!

  5. snorkelinggirl

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    Looks great, Foam!  I too am glad to see you with a better sausage stuffer.  Also, I just love getting a look at everyone's kitchens when they take pictures.  What is in all the jars in your first picture?  Pickled something or other?

    Your boudin looks great.  I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures after smoking, just for comparison.

    Have a great night!
  6. bdskelly

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    That looks Great Foam.  And I see you updated the sausage squishier! 

  7. bdskelly

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    Looks like Booze to me Clar!  LOL
  8. foamheart

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    I could have done that, I have in the past, but since my new press is 5# cap. I didn't go over board. This made one charge of that 5# barrel. I like all boudin, this is just the way I have done before and I like it. When you cook down the cubed pork you leave all the flavor in the water, I like the rice to have some taste but I want the pork to stand on its own. Basically its like dirty rice without gizzards. A little old lady from Bunkie, taught me how to make it back in the mid-60's and I guess I like it best 'cause it was the first I ever had.

    There is always more than one way here on anything, tomatoes or not, okra or not, file or not, Andouille or tasso, etc etc etc.... its all geographic and social economical as to what you get where.
  9. papap

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    You can also use the pork stock to cook your rice. That's for sure about lots of choices. Almost every place you go does it a different way. Some are good and some I would not try again. LOL
  10. foamheart

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    We'll have to work on those grits, if they are not done right its like eating sand! Grits are like mushrooms they are made to highlight something else you are eating.

    Thank you sir, I appreciate the compliment, Sure wish I could share with ya, but I am thinking most of this already has a home, besides LSU plays this week!
    My shoulder appreciates it too! Before the hell horn, it was the combination manual grinder/stuffer and it did not encourage me to make sausage. LOL  
  11. disco

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    So LSU is more important than your Canadian friend? Excuse me, I have to go weep now.

  12. foamheart

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    Thank you M'Lady. I put the 2 ft. cheater back in the garage were it should stay. The jars in the corner, Hmmm.....

    And you were right, it does involve pickled. I really enjoy it, I don't know what the exact word for them are, its just macerated with rum or vodka fresh fruit or the peels I would normally throw away. It makes great fruit extracts to cook with as well as the obvious medicinal applications, LOL I started them awhile back after failing terribly trying to make limoncello. I later found that 6 months wasn't enough smoothing time for it. LOL
  13. foamheart

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    It was that or start coming to the Skelly Ranch and use the one Santa said he brought you. Like you can BS a BS'er, you just can't hide booze from a peddler!
  14. foamheart

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    Currently have ready, strawberry, pineapple, apricot, apple, peach, plum, pear, Tia Maria and caramel Baileys'

    We have Pineapple, Honey crisp apple, Kumquat, Bailey's, and Pear macerating.

    Everything else is just sitting there smoothing out...... The cabinet under the counter is full of jars. I don't know how I would ever justify it to the infernal revenuers guess I am lucky the niece married an ATF&E special agent. I seriously tried to keep some of the empty bottles around, but I needed the room. LOL
  15. bdskelly

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    What wood are you going to use to smoke that boudin? 
  16. snorkelinggirl

    snorkelinggirl Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Sounds like you called that right!
    Wow, you've got a lot of home projects going on!  I've got a batch of limoncello smoothing out down in the basement right now, but sounds like there is a much bigger world of home liqueur making that I didn't know about.  You are a man of many talents!  [​IMG]
  17. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Awww man, you know better. It's just I know those Canadian border agents would do the same with the boudin that they did with all those gallons of Fruit Liqueur I shipped.
  18. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I could use hickory or apple since its pork, but I will probably stay with the old favorite pecan.
  19. foamheart

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    Its all started with my Pops garden, he planted 1000's of strawberry plants every year, No he didn't sell them, we (yes heavy on that we) would pick e. daily cause you couldn't get 'em all in one day, so he could give 'em away. Thats how everything in his garden was done. He planted and raised stuff for fun, then we'd pick it and give it away. All the "gentlemen farmers" could have something to sit and sip cold beverages and talk about every evening up at the garage (that was the local name for the restaurant/bar up the road).

    Now some of the farmers drop by and bring him stuff, that is where the cabbage, parsley, and green onions cane from.

    Thats a load of strawberries so I looked for things to do with 'em, Pop wouldn't eat frozen berries. Then when plum season hit, and lemon season, and muscasdine, etc etc etc.... now every time I peel and cut up fruit, I throw the peels and core or whatever in a jar and set it to soaking.

    I am trying Kumquats like lemon peels to see if I get a mild orange liqueur. Its such a pain though to peel without any of the white pith.

    I just enjoy things that amuse sailors and young children. LOL
  20. disco

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    Har! Enjoy your game. I'll root for LSU if you root for Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championship!

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