Boudin, The Cajun Burito!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by foamheart, Dec 28, 2013.

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    But you guys have marvelous ways to cook pork, This is just a good way to handle left overs. BTW you can just throw the extra rice in the freezer until you get enough to make Boudin. 100# of rice a week? You sure you are not Coonass or descendants? Heck your boats are close similar builds to pirogues!  If I am remembering correctly, and that seems to happen less and less these days, you guys have some perfumed rice. That stuff is pretty good. Once had boudin made with some pecan wild rice that was good. Course that was rice from here.
  2. Yes we do, but sadly the younger generations aren't as interested these days in learning how to do these things. I'm not saying all but a lot of them are more interested in other things. I'm just hoping to keep what I learned alive and hopefully pass it on to whomever cares to learn.  LOL!!! Who knows we just may be our canoes are similar to your pirogues but with an outrigger to keep from flipping.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me I greatly appreciate it.


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    Believe me Dom, it takes awhile for the next generation to mature enough to care, but we usually do. But while you have house notes, college bills, kids, and work it takes a while to free up time and remember what it was that made you happy as a kid. Then you hope someone is still around to enjoy it with while learning. Its important to involve them as kids (when ya need that slave labor LOL), so they have a solid foundation to build on some day. That's what my Dad did, besides it makes it easier to handle life when you know you can make it on your own.

    The knowledge is what the site is about. Everyone shares, learns, and enjoys everyone else's achievements. I think that's why most come back. But, you are most welcome.
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  4. Good looking stuff there Foam. Boudin is on my list, down there but on it, and now your name will be penciled in for help. [​IMG]

    Glad to see you finally have a nice stuffer, and that someone told you to go with the stainless tubes. I went to the stuffer which changed the game for me. Then when I went to the stainless tubes that made it so so so much easier.

    Can't wait to see all the new sausage threads you will start now that you have quality equipment. [​IMG]
  5. foamheart

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    LOL.. I just finished a plate of boudin and crackers.

    Thank Carlos, Doubt you'll need help but I am always willing.

    I am kind of waiting now for my bungs and sheep casings to come in.  Although I have about 7 # of boneless chicken dark meat in the reefer. Think I will freeze it for another day.

    I really like the 5# stuffer case it dones make too much if ya screw it up, especially while you are learning like me. LOL... sure beat the heck out of the old grinder conversion or the horn press.

    Works perfect for what I am doing currently, and I understand that the smaller the stuffer the easier it is to do snack sticks.

    I like it.

    And thanks for the compliment.
  6. That's some fine looking sausage!!  I make lots of andouille for jambalaya but I've never had Boudin.  I'm going to try and make my first batch this weekend.  

    Could you describe what the flavor profile is suppose to be like ??   Hot, mild, sweet,salty.  ?????

    Thanks Mike
  7. cappyr

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    How we roll  [​IMG]
  8. cappyr

    cappyr Meat Mopper

    To prove it wasn't a 1 shot
  9. cappyr

    cappyr Meat Mopper

    My favorite batch
  10. foamheart

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    Mike its really whatever you like, boudin is nothing but one step above the squeal from the pig (that's the only part you can't eat). Its become a popular staple in South Louisiana, but it was really a way to not waste left overs. Ladies here when I was a kid could feed a family of 7 with one small piece a meat, AND have leftovers! You know there isn't enough for another meal, what to do?

    To me the boudin is an all pork taste with the liver really as the star. I had to use Chicken livers, I just can't get fresh pork liver anymore. But its about the liver, and the pork (either ground or shredded). Everytime I cook a butt, I think how hood that would be in boudin, but I eat it all and smile think about it instead.

    It has some garlic and onion and parsley. Its hard to explain the color yellow, its also hard to explain a flavor profile. Its all about your tastes. I use more rice than most, a lot of meat is nice but it is new. Its not sausage, its boudin.

    I am sorry, I can't explain better. There are a bunch of people here I didn't realize making boudin, maybe someone can explain better than I.
  11. papap

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    Basically you want it to taste like a juicy pork, rice and gravy in a pork casing. We usually put ours on the grill to brown casing before eat. Makes the casing snap. Yum yum
  12. Thanks Foamheart and Papap.  I think I got the idea now. Boudin is in the eye of the beholder. LOL

    I did kinda have a general idea in my head as to what I wanted it taste like (or what it might taste like).  so I'll go with that  and give it a whirl.

    Thanks again !!
  13. foamheart

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    Its like a pork burrito you can't mess it up.
  14. foamheart

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    Well it didn't last long.......... <sighs> So today I did it again, will smoke tomorrow during the construction in the house. That way I can stay warm in the garage! Anyway this was what I did this afternoon.

    Don't you feel sorry for that lonely piece a pie? I will take care of that later!

    I lightly oil mine, It will keep it from drying and breaking, or it has in the past. I did try doing it dry on some sausage and had blow out so Its worked in the past and it take color but color has never been a requirement on boudin.

    I put some light on the situation.

    I was nearly out of green onions, I wasn't prepared for impromptu boudin. (I did get the casing out last night to soak).

    Smoking tomorrow Think I can bribe the contractor's crew with smoked boudin? Mahahahahaha!!!!
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    Don't worry about that pie. I want to know if that half empty mason jar was full before you started todays sausage activities? Being that its next to the coffee maker (or chicory brewer) I'm guessing thats a jar of your home made Kahlua. 

    Looking at those links, I'd have to say you nailed it my Coonazz buddy. Those are pure perfection. Poetry in every twist.  

    Nicely done. 


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  16. foamheart

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    That's Tia Maria, and no didn't get into it while making Boudin. I kept thinking about crunchy rice every time I started to pick one up. That was a great post!
  17. reinhard

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    That sure is some great looking sausage.  I do all the cooking in the house so i'm going to figure out something that comes at least close to yours. You asked earlier about ty'ing links with strings and if there is a better way.  Honestly i have never used string to tie links of any sausage i make except rings.  Two or three twists and you should be good to go. Now Boudin sausage i would probably make into a ring and tie the two ends together, kind of like swedish sausage  So instead of ty'ing each link seperatly, just make a ring.  Just more to eat, but i dont think that would be a problem.

    On a side note, regarding all the fine booze products you make,  i met a guy from Louisiana up north and he's about the finest fellow a person could meet.  He keeps his big camper at a resort my friend owns up on the Ash River Trail in northern Mn. He stay's there every year from May to October.  I was grilling up some venison sausage for the boy's doing a project in the owners huge garage and this guy walk's up to me and starts a conversation.  Long story short i found out my friend gave this guy a room in the garage to make beer.. He had the finest hop's and whatever it takes to make beer in that room.  Had a big clear container where some beer was fermenting [dont know a thing about brewing beer, just drink some].  Ended up giving him some sausage and he gave me a six pac of his beer.  Man was that some great stuff.  I'm looking forward to seeing him and his wife this summer again.  Told him i'm bringing more sausage up and he told me the brewery will be operating all summer.  Reinhard
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  18. foamheart

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    smoked, a 5lbs., Super Bowl is next weekend?

    Not as good as the last one, but I knew how good that smoke was going to make it this time.
  19. cappyr

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    Smoked Boudin is a new thang had my first a few years ago gotta  say its great and yours looks that way too.

  20. foamheart

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    Thank yas Cappy. LOL I specifically stayed away from the fruit juice while making 'em just because of your post. And I would laugh every time I thought of it. We've all done it.

    As to the smoke, it was so awesome the last time I smoked it, it was impossible to compete with those this time.

    Thank yas for the compliment Sir.

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