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May 2, 2007
What was your fav Cereal when you were young? do you remember Trix when it was just little round balls unlike what they are today,
alpha bits were my main eats in the late 60's early 70's and capt crunch the plain stuff no added friut balls just plain capt crunch.

add more history to this if you can and old enough, young people dont even think about this but i see how its changed over the years.
unlike today with dish network we only had a few stations 5,8,11.13.
cbs,nbc,abc, ipt, later came the fox 17 netwerk on VHW or what not that was so long ago, uhw or vhw i think, somebody set me streaight on this before i go out of my mind
Only had three stations, NBC/CBS/ABC and I watched American Bandstand when it was a local show out of Philadelphia long before it was a national show.
King Vitamin cereal ruled at our house,, and staying up late to watch Don Kirshner's Rock Concert
Was this all the same era when MTV and VH1 actually played videos and people used an accellerent to lite off there cookers?
But do you remember what they USED to call our cerial?

Super Sugar Crisp
Sugar Frosted Flakes

It was so nice to have advertisers be honest back in the day
3 channels and "what the heck is a remote"........oh, the closest one to the console tv.

Dallas, Dukes of hazard, falcon crest, threes company, leave it to beaver(not the "p" version), little house on the prairie, speedy gonzolas, woody wood pecker, smurfs, etc.

Stretch man(gelly filled rubber man), Bionic Man, tinker toys, atari, kick the can, etc

Didn't seam to have a problem w/drink'n & drive'n, most pickups wouldn't start but twice a day w/out work'n on the carb.

Cars big enough to fit 9 people in......1979 t-bird!
2 doors

We were spanked, yelled at, and worked before school(loading cattle) before the bus came............and I haven't killed anyone ..........yet

Psychologist were in NY, LA.....don't think there was a 1 in KS, we used whips to straighted people out.


"glory days, they'll pass you buy........" Bruce
watergate hearings interrupting sat. morning cartoons,astronauts still went up in rockets,thinking i WAS evel keneviel,sat. matinee was 50 cents & sitting through 4 straight showings of logan's run,star wars toys,the last chopper leaving saigon embassy,jim croce on the radio,elvis died,gas was 40 cents a gallon for the gocart & minibike,rotary phones,flying braniff airlines,people STILL NOT buying japanese cars,KISS was "the hottest band" in the world,nixon leaving the white house.. for the last time,billy beer,mr. whipple-"don't squeeze the charmin",the bicentennial 4th of july,the 6 million dollar man,returnable bottles...etc etc.
I remember when American Bandstand was in black & white. Other b&w classics were The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, AMos & Andy, Abbbot & Costello, Wild Bill Hitchcock, Ozzie & Harriott ( The Nelsons)... can you tell I'm Old School?
Hmmmmmmm ya'll lived in a difference era!

Where I came from - TV had two colors Black and White and sometimes two channels 3 and 10 and they were the same network. The screen was round like watching through a telescope and the frame was wood.

I remember they were showing the first TV show in color when I was about 10 and it was Batman. We all got excited to see this new marvel and dang if it still wasn't black and white! We didn't know it took a special TV to get color. And yes Band Stand and Ed Sullivan were only in Black and White!

The latest state of the art calulator when I started college was - the slide rule. We had a class just to learn to use it! I was good to 3 decimal places with that beauty!

My favorite cerial and the only ones I ever saw were Wheaties, Shreaded Wheat and Quaker Oats.

The best invention of the day was a washer that we didn't have to feed clothes into a wringer to get the water out. Spin dry they called it! It was great! My sister got her arm rolled up in the wringer thing too many times to Dad liking.

My favorite toy was my very own "Rifleman" Gun. Shot caps (do they still have caps?) little strips of papper with black powder dots that made a loud pop when struck by the gun hammer.

We had heros like Zorro, Sky King, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Gumby and Pokey, Beany and Ceisil, and Rocky and Bulwinkle!

Ah those were the days!

BTW Pong came out after my son was born ...
Don't forget Jack Benny and Red Skelton. Cereal- Cheerios. Was in 7th grade when JFK was shot, school had intercom on all day so all classes could here what was happening. They would have gas wars between the local filling stations and have seen it as low as .15/gal. Used to handle hay all day for $1.00/ hour. When we went to $1.25/hr. a lot of people thought we were holding them up.
By the posts I can see most of you are youngesters.

When about 8 there was a new kind of cerial on the scene, frosted flakes, the first of the sugar coated cerials.

On the tube, seems to remember there were at least a half doz stations. Remember when the local ABC affilate came on line. Another local station broadcast the event. Superman, yep, Steve Reeves, was there and threw the switch to power up the station.

TV's were new and a big screen was somthing on the order of 13". Magnifiers were common, some TV's didn't have sound and remember seeing one model tv where the CRT pointed up and used a mirror on the lid to project the pic out the front. Needless to say, all TV's had round screens.

Also recall the public unveiling of Northrup's flying wing.
Back in the sticks of northeast Mississippi (Houston and Houlka), and even in the big city of Jackson, we only had two TV stations. We had no ABC affiliate even up to my high school days in the early 60s. I still remember my grandfather's outside antenna with the rotor motor on the top of his TV which, when directed by hand, turned the antenna either toward Columbus, Mississippi or Tupelo, Mississippi to turn in the signal.
Mississippi Slim
I remember my brother and I had to go down to the local TV station on Sunday nights to watch Disneyland and Bonanza in color on the TV broadcasting in their front display window. Now I'm looking at the ball game here in my den on my HD 32" with who knows how many channels available on Digital and HD cable, as well as typing on the internet on my computer. I'm 61 and this all completely blows my mind growing up the way I did. I have to hang around another 100 years just to see the technology coming up.
Mississippi Slim
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