R.I.P. Bearcarver (John)

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May 12, 2018
It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce Bearcarver AKA John Horne, passed away early this morning. John, as you all know had been battling various and severe health issues for several years. John was a great friend, and always helped everyone as much as was possible. John had asked a few weeks ago to post some of his thoughts and info about his various health issues, see below:

"Early thoughts

As for my health, the things I say are the way I feel, and I know more about my health than anyone else.
The "doctors" have been wanting me to get tons of tests, like I used to get, but I pretty much quit that years ago. It wears me out, and does me NO Good at all.

A couple months ago I was weighing in at about 237.
So for the last few weeks I've been losing weight. I was glad, but it came along with feeling nauseous, and losing weight. I was down to 215 when I went in the hospital, and was 209 when I came home. That is a new 10 year low.

All I could eat was one scrambled egg each morning, and even less for the rest of the day.
Then an hour later I would be bloated & feel like barfing.

They changed one of my drugs, and that might have helped the stomach slightly.

However the rest of me is still all screwed up, such as the following:
One10 year old tired Aortic Valve (from a cow, with a 10 year + - life-span.

One "7 to eight centimeter wide Subclavian Descending Aortic Aneurysm".

2 blocked carotid Arteries.

Chronic Kidney Disease, from lack of blood to my kidneys during open-heart surgery.

Emphysema & COPD.

A Numb Right Leg (happened after open-heart surgery)

Bad left eye that hasn't opened completely since my first stroke, in 2012.

These are my main problems, and none of them are going to just "go-away" or "Get Better".

They were mostly assisted by "Agent Orange" in one way or another.

I'm tired of dealing with them, and am hoping one of the ones that will take me quick will do so soon.

That may sound harsh to you, but if you had any idea what I've been through over the last 10+ years, you'd understand."

One thing that really impressed me and showed us the kind of man John was, almost all of his health issues are results of Agent Orange poisoning during his time in Viet Nam, yet he never blamed anything or anyone, and remained 100% dedicated to our great Country. This is in addition to his various talents like woodworking, or Bear carving. The extreme talents of his Family in various areas. Though I've never met John in person, I feel like he was one of my closest friends and will forever be remembered and respected. I hope you all join my Family and myself in praying for John and his Family. Godspeed my friend you will be missed.
RIP John thanks for all the knowledge you were willing to share with everyone on the forum. I enjoyed all of your posts and you left an huge mark on this forum! Thank you for your service. You’re in a better place now and hope your Smokin some bbq up there everyday. 🍻
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Rest in peace John,


Thanks for posting this Mike. It couldn't have been easy.
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Thank you for sharing this! RIP John... our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I too felt he was a great friend. Although sad to lose a friend, it's a good thing his suffering has ended.

R.I.P. Bear. You fought long and hard in many ways, both for yourself, your family, and our country. You've touched the lives of so many here. Interesting that you crossed my mind this morning before I read this thread. I was cubing petite sirloin for a stew tonight and thought of you because it was your mention of that cut of meat that had me try it for the first time. Now I'll be crying all through dinner.

Prayers for your family. Enjoy your fishing spot, Bear.

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