2016 Michigan get together Fattie contest at the way out ranch. (Fowlerville Michigan) July 23rd

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Come on some of us get to work 6 or 7 days a week to make up for the slackers!:biggrin:
At least it's no longer winter so I can sleep in till the snow flies again.Thumbs Up
Hello Stan, hillbilly. Hello all.

It's been a while. Hope everyone is doing well.

I will Mark down this date and try to hold it open.

Need to obtain my status as #1 back. A busy year so far at that for me. Work has dominated my time. I am planning to attend if all goes well. I would do another Friday overnighter to prep and chillax before the smoke rolls. I have invented a few new takes on some fatties. And An Awesome famous smoked mac and cheese, pictured with some chicken loli-pops. And sharpening my steak skills.

( pics for your viewing pleasure . Smell-a-vision not available )


look out peeps! lol


Looks great Robb! Your welcome to camp out. The fattie contest has grown a lot larger than you remember it. I'm thinking we might get 20+ this year. Hope to see you July 23rd.
Well I had bday party last weekend and we q'd plenty of meat. Problem is I forgot to take pics of the after.... Happens when beers involved.

10 pounds chicken

Chicken on the trailer grill with farm picked asparagus (picked that day by Stan and myself).

18 pounds pork butt.

Point from a 17 pound prime brisket. Burnt ends came out great.

The Wonder Dog taking in all the smoker smells after training in the back pond.

Unfortunately that's about all I have. Hopefully Stan or cam, or somebody else took a few pics of the finished products.

40th bday party was a warm up for the fattie contest. Get ready ladies and gentleman! It's gonna be here before you know it!
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Thanks dinger. It was a good night. Sorry I didn't have any after pics. Hopefully we take plenty in July.
No problem. I'm looking forward to the July event. My wife is going to the "Faster Horses" concert at MIS the week before, so I may play that card and try to spend the night at the gathering. I want to check out one of these bon fires in person!
I'll be at faster horses working for FPP all weekend. Tell her to come down to the vending area in the infield and buy some local product.
Smoked 4 pork shoulders on the mes this weekend for my moms memorial. Put them on at 9am Friday morning. Two 10 pounders, a just over 9 pounder, and a just under 9 pounder.

First 10 + pounder came off at 730 Saturday morning. The rest were still around 170 degrees. One of them finished up a few hours later but the other 10+ pounder and the just over 9 pounder didn't come off the smoker until around 4pm. 31 hours on the smoker and I pulled them both at 190!!

Couldn't wait anymore. Bones pulled clean out and they were delicious.

Igrill probe and thermapen both read the same temp in both of them.

More practice before the fattie finals in July.
Fattie contest is just a few weeks away ladies and gentlemen. It'd be nice to get a final head count in the next week or so. Need to know how much food to start smoking the night before.
Fattie contest is just a few weeks away ladies and gentlemen. It'd be nice to get a final head count in the next week or so. Need to know how much food to start smoking the night before.
Hello Rkstr. Hello All.

Attending is still in the plans . At least I think. It came as close as to us leaving for Vacation the next day! Whew!

Now if the work thing stays steady ( in which it has been out of control busy ) I still plan on a Friday evening stay. Not sure on bringing my smoker this year. But the fattie for sure.

So as the week of approaches , I will stay in touch.

Best regards to all.

That's great to hear rob!

I just talked with Todd at a-maze-n smokers a few days ago and he's back as a sponsor and donating prizes again. And we have a new sponsor in Fowlerville Pork Producers (FPP). They are donating a prize pack as well. And I'm talking with a shirt guy to have a few shirts made up as we speak. It should be the best Fattie contest yet!
WOW! Cool!

all that for me!  lol  

Well I can help you as much as possible Fri night. And maybe some more beer from the brewery by me. I can as well easily make a plaque an laser etch it for the winner.

That would be cool.
That would be awesome Robb!

We will be smoking brisket and pork the night before so all help Friday is welcome! I'll set up the projector and we can watch a movie on the barn that night.
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