Which meat is the most patriotic to smoke?

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Usually I wouldn't be eatin no Bison or Elephent but you can never be too careful with what's out there and the internet is a great resource
I tend to like my elephant medium rare, it's not like dining on giraffe. RAY

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I tend to lean towards long pork as my patriotic meat of choice....But it does tend to get pricey with the holidays rolling around.

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Not buying into a conceived notion that some meats are woke. Tell that to those who smoked and grew up consuming salmon in the far Northwest before the Union existed. Or for that matter, anyone living on this continent for the last 400+ years that fed themselves from meat the land provided. IMO, woke didn't exist back then just as it has no place to be today. If you got something to smoke then have at it. It's as patriotic as you can get. Our favorite go to is brisket, Texas Style 🤠
Super patriotic here also and I stopped smoking all meat when they became woke also, so my go to on every 4th of July has become smoked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Put them in the smoker at 225* with a lot of Mesquite wood, close the lid and pull them off after 6 hours. Merika
thanks David, i aint thought about eatin opossums before. how does it taste? i did gone smoked a rat once but that was to teach it a lesson

Going by Jed and Jethro it tastes a lot like opossum, Granny was not sure , as she was into the rheumatism medicine

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