2 Pork butts and a twice smoked spiral ham with Q/view

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Aug 4, 2012
Mount Vernon, Washington
I was really craving some pulled pork again. I made some a few weeks ago and it provided me with lunch all week and now I wanted more. Whenever I would heat it up though, people would start roaming over to my desk like stray cats around the farmer and his bucket of milk. So the aroma inspired one of my coworkers to ask me to make her a double smoked spiral ham for her  and her team. I had made one before and brought it to work and let people sample it. Everyone thought it was excellent. She said she would provide the ham and pay me for my time. How could I refuse? 

I got 2 10lb boneless pork butts from Cash N Carry for $2.24lb. It's a bummer the price keeps going up around here. I got the UDS fired up with some Kingsford Blue with some hickory and apple chunks. I got the butts rubbed with my homemade concoction then tied em up a bit with butcher's twine. Got the ham in my steel pan with some honey, maple syrup, brown sugar, honey whiskey, butter and some cinnamon. Once the smoker hit 225° I put the meat on at around 7pm.

After an hour or so I went out and flipped the ham and basted it. I did that 3 more times over the next 3 hours and then pulled it off the smoker. I removed all the meat from the bone, got it packed up in containers and ready for work tomorrow. Of course I had to take a few pieces for the effort. Then, I got to eat the pièce de résistance, the bone marrow. A nice fat globule of pork flavor concentrate. Talk about addictive!

At this point it was well after midnight, so I went to bed and set the alarm on my phone to wake me in 7 hours and set the alarms on my Maverick ET-732. I love my Pitmaster IQ110 for these overnight cooks. It really keeps the temps dialed in perfectly. I got up at 7:30am, made some scrambled eggs with the ham, then after breakfast, my Maverick started beeping. So I check the meat and had 198° across the board. I wrapped them in foil for a few hours then commenced to pulling it all. I packed up some lunches for the wife since she likes hers plain because she puts the pork in her salads.

I mixed up a double batch of JJ's finishing sauce. The recipe is a bit too much on the vinegar tip for us so I add about 4x more brown sugar and some honey whiskey. I pour it over the pork, mix it up then add some Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ sauce. Just a bit though. More like a glaze on it as opposed to swimming in it like some folks enjoy it. I got some samples packed up for friends at work then I got my lunches for the week all packed up. I can eat this stuff 3 times a day and not get tired of it.

Topped with some extra brown sugar for a nice bark.

The ham coated up. It's like a paste until it heats up and melts.

I flipped it a bunch so it would get a nice coat of smoke all around. 

The bone marrow is calling my name!

Not a bad amount of meat for $25 or so.

One of the butts. I tried to break it up to cool off a bit so I can pull it. I double glove it but it's still pretty hot.

I like to hand pull it over using my bear claws. I can get nice long strips of it without mashing it up too much.

This is before adding anything to it. It was so juicy. Definitely my best batch to date.

  Glad they came out great! I sometimes take "samples" to work also and everyone loves it. But they don't offer to purchase meat, just waiting for me to bring in more free eats!

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