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Busy as the Proverbial One Legged Man in an @$$ Kickin Contest


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Good gosh, this time of the year can stress a person out.
Work, Family, Hunting and Family/Friends, More Work, Holidays and Friends/Family and Lots More Work.
And in-between all that chaos, confusion and contention, I gotta get some cooking time in to really relax.

Still trying to make room in the freezer for fresh meat.
Little while ago it was Chicken Fried Venison, well this time it was Country Fried Venison and Gravy served up with Roasted Taters/Veggies.
Tender enough that you can cut these with a fork.
Start with a bunch of misc steak cuts averaging an inch thick.
Jaccard tenderize them till they feel mushy, then place between plastic wrap and pound to about a 1/4 inch thick.
Salt well and dredge heavily in seasoned flour.


Heavily Dredged in Seasoned Flour

Cast Iron Spa Treatment

Mmmmmm... Good!

Work is busy this time of the year, keeping me running long hours.
Vacation time ran out last month, now all I can do is hunt the weekends.
Could've killed some decent sized Does, but I like hogs too and they have to be gotten rid of.
So the boom got lowered on a few young, eating sized boars, approx 120-125lbs each.

At least this year we didn't host the Thanksgiving Feast for our extended family.
What, 22 people last year? This year it was just six of us.
I contributed one dish by popular demand, those yummy Hasselback Au Gratin Potatoes.
My wife cooked a Brined and Oven Roasted bird, which she does so well.

But family visiting in-town begged for a smoked turkey the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
So a fresh 12lb bird got spatched, injected and brushed with my homemade Cajun Apple Butter marinade.
Then smoked over Cherry at 375°-400°, and it took just shy of three hours for the breasts IT to hit 165°,
Nothing like a turkey that's been either wet brined or injected, they're so danged moist and juicy.

Well it's back to the incessant grind for another week.
Thankfully followed by another weekend of hunting, and maybe another good meal or two.
Y'all take care.
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Nice John, everything looks great, but I really like the looks of those steaks. Another thing on my list.


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Great post! Thanks for sharing! The holidays can be stressful, that’s for sure!
All your cookin at your place looks real good!


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It's about time for me to kill a few hogs for the freezer, it's not really a hunt on the ranch that I get on.
It's like picking out a pork butt at Costco there are so many.


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Looks delicious John!


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Excellent Post Chile....and welcome back. Been kinda wondering where you've been but figured everything was exactly as you stated above: really busy!! Keep those wild game posts coming please. I have to live vicariously through you and a few others here as I just can't get Tracy to eat game meat but I'd certainly down a big plateful of those steaks.

big LIKE my friend,


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Everything looks to be delicious Chile, great piece of work. Nice layer of white fat on that wild hog, he'll be some good eatin'. Like, RAY

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Some very nice looking steak there Chile, and the potatoes and turkey look fantastic!



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Wow like always you turn it out. Love chicken fried, so that really grabbed me in. Then the drool continued . Well not so much over the skinning part. Nice hog, just right size, make some good eats.


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Looks great! I love using venison cube steak! I usually run out quick when i have someone process for us depending on the weather. Unfortunately i dont have a cuber yet. Its on my list. Turkey looks perfectly juicy, I like the color on it! Not too dark! As always really nice job!


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Great read Chile, good to see you back at it. Good luck with the hunts.

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Love the venison, pork and potatoes.
I am not a turkey eater, but I do a half chicken my family loves.
Looks great! I love using venison cube steak!
Unfortunately i don't have a cuber yet.
@chilerelleno uses the same cuber as me. A Jaccard manual needlepress.


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Meals look excellent! I hear ya on the busyness part of it. Its crazy this time of year. I just brined and smoke 4 birds last week. Care to share your Cajun apple butter marinade recipe?


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Meals look excellent! I hear ya on the busyness part of it. Its crazy this time of year. I just brined and smoke 4 birds last week. Care to share your Cajun apple butter marinade recipe?
2 sticks melted butter
1C Apple juice
2T Cajun spice mix
1T Granulated garlic
Enough to do 2-3 chickens or a 10-12lb turkey, or a large Butt.


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nice post John, sounds delicous, some reason i'm not getting the pics.


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Everything Looks Great, John!!
Nice Job on all of it---And the Mrs did Great too!!



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Many thanks and appreciation to all for the Likes and compliments.


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Wondered where your delicious food posts had gone :) As usual it all looks fantastic!! Really love those deer steaks

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The meats look awesome! Kill every wild hog you see. Only good one is a dead one with a flock of buzzards overhead.

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