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  1. F

    Burger Meat Ratio

    Hello, I'm going to be making my own ground meat for burgers! My thought is to use a mix of Ribeye, Prime Rib, and Baby-Back Rib meat. What would YOU suggest as the best ratio for the meats? I love my burgers to be as rich and juicy as possible. Was considering doing 2 parts Ribeye 1 part...
  2. SmokinAl

    THURSDAY NIGHT reverse sear CBP rib eye

    Nothing like a nice rib eye for Thursday dinner. I looked in the goodie bag from Robert @tx smoker & found a real nice one. This beautiful piece of meat was so tender I wrapped it with string to keep it the same thickness. Covered it with Canadian steak seasoning & CBP. Into the Rec Tec on...
  3. jeremy5431

    STEAK Class & Taste Test

    Last year my father in law grilled a steak. It fell flat. It wasn't rested, it was tough and wasn't seasoned well. My mother in law asked me to teach him how to grill a steak. Fast forward to this spring when we got together again for Steak class. I took the class a little further and decided...
  4. D

    Smoked Ribeye Roast Temperature Difficulties

    Today i’m smoking an 8lb ribeye roast. I’m smoking it at 275-300 on a Weber Kettle. I assumed it would take around 4 hours but I’m at around 2.5 hours and it’s only at 72 degrees. At this rate it’ll take another 3 hours. Does anyone know why this is occurring and how to fix it? I was planning on...
  5. B

    22 Lbs Prime Ribeye cook time

    I just need to know if my math is correct. Smoke temp 220-225x35 minutes a pound x 22 lbs. 35mX22lbs=12h45m ruffly to temp, 225-240
  6. WisconsinCampChef

    Dry aged prime ribeye reverse sear with pics

    Thought I would share a few shots of dinner tonight. Over the weekend we had some friends over to do a steak test. We pitted snake river farms bone in cowboy against the local butcher shop’s prime boneless ribeye and their bone in dry aged ribeye. The snake river farms was the largest by far...
  7. Rmartinez2


    Hey all, it's been a while but just stopping by to share an amazing dinner we had tonight. I found a great ribeye roast at my local grocery which was a shock because you usually don't find this with a fair amount of marbling. I felt this one was more than worthy and was on sale so it just made...
  8. gmc2003


    Well it's been a couple of weeks since I did the tomahawks, and the wife came home from Costco with a three pack of their rib-eyes. So out comes the kettle. Getting ready for a sprinkle of salt and pepper: All Seasoned: Onto the kettle for their indirect part of the journey: Skidmark was...
  9. gmc2003

    Tomahawk Ribeye.

    It was a beautiful afternoon in Northern Vt and my workcation is almost over. So decided to do something a little special for the wife and I. Most of the day was spent hanging shiplap on our dinning room wall to replace an old french door. Then I started thinking about dinner. After packing up...
  10. pigbark

    Pigbark . Making Pigbark and more.

    started my Chorizo BBQ baked beans yesterday. doing the Pork Butt today, and i threw in a Ribeye and London Broil which i have never smoked before.
  11. CigarLlama

    Ribeyes, Fatty, & Rack of Lamb

    So I didn't exactly know where this was supposed to go given that I think each item has its own category on this site. Tonight I meal-prepped for the week with an assortment of items. It was my first time cooking lamb of any sort, & my second time cooking a fatty. I have become rather familiar...
  12. CigarLlama

    Cowboy Ribeye (Again!) for Father's Day - Major Improvement

    Firstly, a big thank you to @zwiller & @wbf610 for giving me advice on using sand instead of water. That made a major difference this time around. My WSM 22" held steady at 230F with little to no management needed. Needless to say, I'll be using sand going forward. For Father's Day, I smoked 2...
  13. Rmartinez2

    Thick Cut Ribeyes. Smoked and Seared.

    Hey everyone It's been a while since I post but I've definitely been putting in some cooks. Today I was at the store and saw some ribeye roasts in the case so I grabbed a good piece with 2 bones. I messed up and didn't take a pic of it before I cut it into some thick steaks. However I did grab...
  14. xray

    Spring Ribeye with Chimichurri

    Well the first day of spring and not too shabby of a day in PA, I decided to grill up some ribeye steaks with chimichurri sauce. I did most of my prep work last night since I would be making these as soon as I got home from work. The Steaks were dry brined with kosher salt and the chimichurri...
  15. SmokinAl


    The first dry aged ribeye I did was just on a rack in the fridge, it was a bone in prime rib & I dry aged it for 40 days. This time I bought a whole boneless ribeye at Sam's & tried the UMAi dry bag method. I went 45 days on this one. Here is what I started with. This is how it looked after...
  16. bmudd14474

    Sous Vide Steak and Shrimp Egg Rolls. w/Qview.

    Took my Cisno Sous Vide machine and SV the ribeyes that I used for this recipe. If anyone is interested in getting this unit there is currently a $5 off coupon for it on amazon. It under the price. https://amzn.to/2D3aaLc Packaged the ribeye in the bags that came with the machine. I used my...
  17. wbf610

    Reverse seared cowboy steak (bone in ribeye)

    I’ve done a few of these, and every time I see them in the store, I have to buy them since they turn out so well. Started with a 2.75lb hunk of meat. That’s your average size dinner plate. Sprinkled with kosher salt on one side, then back into the fridge for an hour. Flipped it, salted the...
  18. mark in the pit

    Crowd Cow Coullotte Steak

    Crowd Cow Coullotte Steak Ingredients: Coullotte Steak Oil Salt Pepper Garlic Method: Very quick and easy. Get your grill good and hot just like you would for a ribeye or new york strip steak. Than just rub with oil to prevent sticking to the grill. Next rub all other ingredients to taste...
  19. mark in the pit

    Double Feature - Crowd Cow Unboxing - Reverse Sear Ribeye on Mini Weber Smokey Mountain

    If you would like to jump directly to the cook and skip the unboxing jump to 6:40. I ordered some beef online. First time ever but it looked really really good. Pound for pound this is actually a little cheaper for me to purchase 100% grass fed and grass finished beef from Crowd Cow (averaged...
  20. SmokinAl

    First time dry aged Ribeye with Mr. T's help

    After talking to Mr. T about dry ageing a ribeye. He convinced me I could do it in my fridge. I always thought you needed a temp & humidity controlled place to dry age. He said I could do it in my fridge set at 35-36 degrees, as long as the fridge had a built in fan to circulate the air. I have...