Dry aged prime ribeye reverse sear with pics

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Oct 23, 2019
Edgerton, Wi
Thought I would share a few shots of dinner tonight.
Over the weekend we had some friends over to do a steak test. We pitted snake river farms bone in cowboy against the local butcher shop’s prime boneless ribeye and their bone in dry aged ribeye. The snake river farms was the largest by far weighing in at 3.1lbs. The boneless prime was 1.8lbs and the two dry aged bone in were 1.75lbs each. Only pics of them prior to cooking after seasoning. They all turned out great however snake river farms was the winner with the regular prime boneless falling just short. The dry aged were good but under seasoned in our opinion.

Anyways for dinner tonight I had an extra bone in dry aged ribeye and I thought it sounded good with the left over twice baked potato so I fired up the Yoder to 225. Let it reverse sear until the IT was 115. Pulled it and tented with foil while I cranked up the heat to high (600 degrees) I also pulled the trap door on the heat defuser off and set it aside. After a few mins of letting the stainless grates heat up I laid the steak down and pressed it to make sure to get good marks. Flipped a quarter turn after 30 second and did the same press down and seared another 30 seconds. I also make sure to use a different spot of the grates for the quarter turn because they will not make good makes if laid back down on the same spot. A trick I picked up from kosmos q. Flip the steak over and repeat. Rest without foil for 10 mins and slice against grain. Enjoy the pics using a meater+ for the probe because I still don’t like the wires that come with the acs controller upgrade. Start to finish cook took just under an hour and a half which I think is pretty good for any grill really let alone a pellet grill. You can see in the screen shot from the app I was running about 225-250 for the reverse sear portion of the cook ( when starting I always go up to 300-350 before turning the controller down. Here in Wisconsin it’s 20 degrees out and I think heating the grill body up helps mitigate pellet consumption and hold heat since I don’t have the thermal jacket. During the sear I was 650-675 on the thermometer, and the lid thermometers were both past their highest setting which is 550. Didn’t temp the grates with the infrared thermometer but I’m guessing they We’re 700+.


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