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Feb 13, 2019
Hey all, it's been a while but just stopping by to share an amazing dinner we had tonight. I found a great ribeye roast at my local grocery which was a shock because you usually don't find this with a fair amount of marbling. I felt this one was more than worthy and was on sale so it just made sense. This was a 3 bone ribeye roast that I fully intended to cut into steaks. To my surprise it already had the bones cut off which I planned on doing so little less work.


I went ahead and cut this into steaks, 1 was one 3 fingers thick, 2 were two fingers thick and 2 were 1 finger thick.


You can see the marbling here is pretty decent, again for a rib roast we just found packaged. The eye is a very good size but what most impressed me is the more than generous amount on the cap.

I always go fairly simple with steak using just kosher salt the night before and into the fridge overnight to dry brine. A couple hours before the cook I throw on some freshly ground pepper, and garlic powder. I grilled this in a cheap offset smoker I picked up for $100 from char griller but I mainly use it as a charcoal grill. I don't use the firebox, it's a pretty big chamber so I place my charcoal ok the right side closest to the firebox. I used Royal oak lump then used a mesquite log as we love mesquite grilled steaks. I placed the thicker steaks on the left side to cook indirectly. The steaks smoked for about 30 mins then I moved them directly over the coals to get a good crust and sear.

I didn't take pics of them on the grill and hardly had a chance to take any on the board as the fam was pretty hungry. Here's a pic of my plate. We sauted some mushrooms in garlic and butter, sauted some red bell pepper, and roasted some potatoes.


I'm not sure if the lighting did this sear justice but it was phenomenal. It was a sizzling crust with amazing flavor and the inside cooked perfectly med (our liking).

Hope you all had a good grilling and smoking Sunday!! Thanks for taking the time.


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Aug 6, 2017
Lake Texoma
The marbling in that meat looked very good to me. I pick up rib roast on sale at the local Bookshires but they don't look anything like that. Those steaks look awesome. big LIKE!


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Mar 22, 2009
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Looks good. I do about the same...smoke with Mesquite for about an hour and then put a good quick sear on them. Great way to eat a nice steak.

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