10 lb. butt going on

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Apr 16, 2016
I was originally going to do a picnic shoulder today for pulled pork. I got up at 5:30am and got the smoker running and pulled the shoulder out of the fridge to get it seasoned. As soon as my knife pierced the wrapper I sensed an off putting smell. Wife confirmed my suspicions with her nose that it was indeed bad. I only bought it 4 days ago on sale and had it in the refrigerator. That is the first bad piece of store bought meat I have come across.

I ran down to Sam's at 10am and grabbed a 10 pound butt for $17 and it now on the smoker at 195* for the first few hours to get the smoke in it. Ill crank it up to 225* after. It's going to be a long day haha.

Bummer about the bad butt… it happens… good recovery! Hope this isn’t what you’re counting on for dinner tonight 🤔 unless you’re eating really late!
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The butt hit 158 and stalled. Pulled and wrapped in butcher paper and put it back on. Still sitting at 158 lol.
Bumped it to 250* when I wrapped.
On the pellet grill, I usually run a couple hours at the lowest setting to maximize smoke, then ramp it up to 275° or so for the remainder. My offset likes to settle in somewhere between 250 and 300°, so that's where I let it run, for the most part.
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The butt hit an internal temp of 195*. Used my inkbird to probe around and it slid in like butter. Resting it for an hour and will have finished pics.
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