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  1. ThePreacherMan

    Quick Weeknight Meal

    My wife is gone to Bible study tonight so just a quick little meal tonight. Simple frozen pizza just a little dolled up. 400 degrees for 18 minutes on the Traeger. Really loving these charcoal pellets also!
  2. lyw111


  3. 801driver

    Pizza Dough With Only Two Pretty Common Ingredients

    I did not find this posted, my apologies if I missed it. I make a lot of different kinds of Pizzas to cook in the oven, grill, and on the griddle. Make them up and eat some, bag the rest to freeze for quick meals. I have been buying the longer round tube of store pizza dough in the biscuit...
  4. SmokinAl


    We decided to have pizza more often, and last night we thought we would try stuffed crust pizza. Judy had some pizza dough frozen, so we just thawed it out & rolled it out on a pizza pan. Then roll up string cheese in the crust. Some sauce. Onions. We used those mozzarella balls in...
  5. thirdeye

    Bacon & "Extra Cheese" Burger Pizza

    I guess you could call this bacon cheeseburger pizza 'loaded' because it has seasoned ground beef, red onions, 4 kinds of cheese, jalapenos and double smoked dry cured bacon. My older griddles don't have handles, but have a folding bail like a bucket does. Pit temp was 500°. I monitored...
  6. thirdeye

    Bar-Style aka Thin Crust Pizza Cooked on Big Green Egg

    You know what they say about bar-style pies...... There is more room for beer when there is less dough on board. Mrs ~t~ blind bakes our pizza crust for the freezer and we pressure can our own sauce, so a pizza is never too far away. Sometimes we'll add some homemade pesto to the sauce. The...
  7. hunter rose

    Chicago Deep Dish smoked pizza

    I made a Chicago Deep Dish pizza from scratch tonight on my smoker...
  8. cansmoke


    After a few fails this summer for completely different reasons, we tried pizza again. We used a beer batter for the pie. Topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage from my favorite butcher, sweet pepper, green onions, mushrooms and olives and 3 cheese. Cooked indirect for 45 minutes using hickory...
  9. thirdeye

    Pizza ~ Pop's Brined & Smoked Chicken, Pesto Sauce, Spinach, Cheese and Tomato

    About once a week I'll use a quart of Pop's Brine on some boneless skinless breasts, cold smoke them for an hour, then finish them on one of my Eggs and chill. Perfect for salads, a sandwich, a snack or PIZZA!!! We blind bake the crusts and usually make 3 or 4 at a time and freeze. I cook...
  10. RyeSmoke

    Grilled Spot Prawn and Smoked Scallop Pizza ( A Follow up to the Smoked Swimming Scallop Post)

    So the other day I posted about the smoked pink swimming scallops I did up. Brined for 30 minutes on a mix of sugar, salt, soy, garlic, water, and Datu Puti vinegar. Then smoked them for a couple hours on a mix of cherry and maple. See my earlier post for the full step by step. They turned out...
  11. pi guy

    First Time Smoking Cheese (With Pics)

    I meant to post this in April when I did my first cheese smoke, but forgot until today, as I'm getting ready to start my second batch of cheese. I started out with 2 lbs of plain old Mozzarella and Cheddar I used my AMNPS with apple pellets inside my MES with no heat on. I put a piece of...
  12. chopsaw

    Calzone and pizza . 7 day fermented dough

    Did this a couple weeks ago . Let the dough go a full 7 days in the fridge . I was using up some left overs I had in the fridge . Took the dough out of the fridge , and let it warm up on the counter . This is how it's stored . Once it warms enough I divided into 4 equal sections , cover and...
  13. chopsaw

    Semi dried pepperoni pizza .

    Finally made some pepperoni that I liked . Used all pork and the smoked pepperoni seasoning from TSM , that I've threatened to throw out several times . Just don't remind me of pepperoni out of the smoker . Further drying is key for this . It's fantastic . Wrapped in pink butcher paper and...
  14. chopsaw

    Brisket Pizza .

    Had a brisket fail last weekend , so lookin for a way to use it up . Had some dough in the fridge . Thought I'd try a pizza . Came out pretty good . Taste was like a cheese steak . The fermented dough makes a nice thin crisp crust . This was good , but would have been great with a softer /...
  15. gmc2003

    Meat Lovers Pizza Fattie...

    Well, the wife was gone for the day and we're scheduled to go to a party at her sisters house on Sunday. Since the wife offered to bring something to eat and my pork shots are banned(because the last time or two I brought them everyone filled up on the shots and nobody ate the main course). I...
  16. Papa Murphy's smoked Pizza on the Louisiana Grill

    Papa Murphy's smoked Pizza on the Louisiana Grill

    Smoked Pizza on a Louisiana Grill Papa Murphy's quick and easy
  17. CSR

    Pork 3 Ways Pizza Fatty

    Planning a fatty for the morning with the following ingredients (sauce omitted for leakage purposes). - 1.25 ground italian sausage - Sliced pepperoni - Bacon for wrapping - Mozzerella Cheese - Green and Yellow Peppers (pre-sauted) - Onion (pre-sauted) - Jalapeno Pepper (pre-sauted) - Italian...
  18. SmokinAl


    I took the last 2 sticks of the UMAi pepperoni that I had made a few days ago & made a pizza with it last night. Even Judy was impressed, and she is a tough crowd. It was a simple pizza just Mozz, parm, Italian seasoning, & all the pepperoni I could get on the top. I cheated on the dough &...
  19. L

    Pizza Help

    I have a new Rec-Tec Stampede that so far has been top notch! Done some great beef jerky, ribs, tri-tip, chicken, etc. Pizza was my next move and I bought a nice pizza stone and peel for my pizza cooks. A question about temperature and wanted to see if anyone has a recommendation. When...
  20. idahopz

    Father's Day pizza party

    Well, we didn't use a smoker, but we dads can do any kind of cook we like, right? :D We did a pizza party yesterday in honor of Father's Day. All our kids are grown and away from home, and won't be able to visit, so us dads decided to make a fun day cooking pizzas. It was a rainy day, and a...