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Jun 22, 2009
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I took the last 2 sticks of the UMAi pepperoni that I had made a few days ago & made a pizza with it last night. Even Judy was impressed, and she is a tough crowd. It was a simple pizza just Mozz, parm, Italian seasoning, & all the pepperoni I could get on the top.
I cheated on the dough & bought one of those pizza dough balls at Walmart for $1.
I started by slicing up the pepperoni as thin as I could without getting out the slicer.

Next I got the fire going in the kettle, about 3/4 of a chimney of charcoal & a few hickory splits.


It is starting to catch fire.


Looking good now, put the pizza kettle attachment on & get the stone nice & hot..


I broke down & bought one of those S/S plates that direct the heat to the top of the pizza instead up into the dome. They are a bit pricey, and I'm sure some of you fabricators could make these for about $10 a piece. But I don't have the tools or the shop to do it in so I have to pay the big bucks. But I will say it is well worth the money, cause the pizza cooks much more evenly.

Got the lid on & the fire is going good.


Judy got the crust ready & we decided to cook this one in the pizza pan they include with the unit.


I made sure every square inch was covered with pepperoni!


Into the kettle she goes!


We ran the temp a little lower this time to see how that would work & between using the pizza pan & keeping the temp between 500-600. It turned out very good.


The cheese was melted nicely, and the pepperoni was crispy, but the crust was not burnt or over done, just nice & crispy! I think we are getting the hang of this new toy!!


I had to add a handful of red pepper flakes!


Then it's time to slice it up!



I have to say this was very exciting for me to make a pizza with my own UMAi pepperoni.
As usual Judy was very skeptical about the outcome, but she ate half the pizza before me. If she thought it was good then as far as I'm concerned it was a success!
BTW, I thought it was the best pepperoni pizza I have ever eaten, but then I guess I may be a bit biased, since I made it. But I can't believe that I haven't used these bags way before this. They are just fantastic!! And the kettle pizza attachment is the real deal too!
Thanks for looking!
Great looking pizza Al like all the pepperoni I would have to add onion and mushrooms but there wasn't much room left for that.

POINT! That pepperoni pizza looks awesome! We make our own here in the oven all the time and I know the feeling you are describing when a Pizza really turns out the way you want it. I just got my LoneStarz smoker and have played around making a pizza in the firebox. I’ll post when I get it figured out. Congrats on finding a great pizza right in your own smoker! The pepperoni looks awesome too!
Great looking pizza!!! I can tell you are serious about your pizza cuz you use a commercial pizza rocker knife for cutting!! I'll bet your home made pepperoni knocks the socks off anything you can buy in the store.
Al that is one scrumpdillycious looking pizza. I can't wait to see he next step in your pizza making evolution with home made sauce and mozzarella.

Point for sure.

I quite literally drooled when I saw the finished product.. that is how I love my pizza... Like Al. If I could I'd hit like a few times :)
Just the way I like it...Pepperoni, cheese and red pepper flakes! Outstanding, you're going to make me run out and spend some money!!
Looks Great, Altonio!!
You add you Pepperoni just like I do---Crowded, Bumper to Bumper!!
Nice Job.

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