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Chicago Deep Dish smoked pizza


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Hell of a good job on that pizza. Looks amazing


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I'm not one for a deep dish, prefer thin crust, but that looks absolutely amazing! Nicely done!

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There are a lot of ingredients, so you need to get this hot. I used the pan tagged here because it has holes in the bottom. I cooked for around 15 minutes at 500 and then stepped down to 400 for another 25 minutes or until crust was brown:

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Here is my recipe for the hard part... the crust:

Mix the yeast and warm water first before adding in the other ingredients. Wait for the yeast to do its thing before adding the rest. I put everything in a KitchenAid with a dough hook. I ended up adding more water while mixing as it was too dry. You will have to play with that. You can YouTube about letting the dough rise. This takes an hour or so in a bowl. Then after I spread it in a pan, another 20 minutes to rise again.

¼ oz yeast
1 Cup water warmed to 110 degrees, no more than 115 (necessary to make the yeast work)
3 ½ cups flour
½ cup cornmeal
1 teaspoon flake salt
¼ cup corn oil
1 Tablespoon olive oil

If you use sausage, remove the casing. If you do sauce, you should cook longer. If you want the tomatoes, Uno's style, use whole peeled tomatoes and then chunk them up. Canned is fine, but drain them really well.

You want to layer the ingredients. Crust first, then cheese (I used 50/50 mozzarella and provolone), garlic, sausage, whole peeled tomatoes (or sauce or both).

20201226_203425.jpg 20201226_211709.jpg


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You killed that pizza man that looks delicious! I would love to make a larger deep dish at some point. Thanks for sharing!
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