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Nov 18, 2006
Every now and then I want something sweet. Not often but a few times a year. I've been smoking bananas for a special treat. I know it sounds weird but I got to thinking they'd be great smoked with brown sugar and cinnamon and make a great sundae so here she is!

Smoked Banana Sundae with Chopped Pistachios and Raspberry Sauce It was awsome!

Here's the recipe card : http://www.deejayssmokepit.net/Downl...nanaSundae.pdf
Debi, you are awesome!
I bow to your talents!

PS mine will be with mint chocoalte chip ice cream.
Debi, what he said!!!!

Oh, and I'll take mine with coffee ice cream please.
Can't wait to try this!!!
Bill -

It's hot smoked so it will melt the brown sugar into a glaze. I tried sliced bananas (length wise) and whole. The sliced are a bit hard to keep intact but the taste the same either way.

I'm thinking of trying to dry smoke them for a trail mix too. Maybe slice them in discs. Tried orange segments but the smoke doesn't get through the skins I guess I'll have to slice them in thin slices.

Theresa & Rodger -

If you check the recipe I used coffee ice cream in mine too! Coffee Ice Cream is the best with nuts or sauces.
Da*mn, you all ain't right in the head. Smokin' bananas?!
Different species of bananas grow here like weeds. Cubans, cherry bananas, sugar bananas.....I have to hack them down on my "back 40" to keep the place from looking like a Rambo movie. They grow a foot a month. I'll try this recipe! I can eat the weeds!

Next stop....smoked Barbados cherries, key limes, sapodillas, avacados and coconuts and all the rest of the trees I am overrun with!
Looks good.

Maybe add some nuts and caramel.

Don't dont think the smoke will get through the peels though, but then he just melted them he didn't smoke them.
I know this thread is super old but can you tell me what temp you smoked the bananas at? I didnt see it in the recipe. thanks i'm dying to try this.
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