What's the story with pork belly?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by svirgula, Apr 8, 2011.

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    Seems to be one of the new food rages this year, I think it's due to the proliferation of Izakaya type establishments and more Chinese places putting it on their 'mainstream' menus. Never had it, supposed to be pretty good; what's it like? Pork belly kinda just sounds like a big gob of gristle to me, so I'm not sure.

    And over and above that, would you smoke it?
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    Pork belly is used for making bacon. First it is cured, then smoked. I don't know how the Chinese use it.
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    Pork belly is just that - the belly of the pig.  Also known as 'sidepork'.  Had it for years and years.  Uncured, unsmoked bacon.  There are 3 stages to belly:

    1) Sidepork  - fresh pork belly, no additives, fresh pork product.

    2) Salt Pork - sidepork that has been cured with salt/curing salt; still fresh raw product, but pickled

    3) Bacon - salt pork that has been smoked and at least partially cooked (either cold or hot smoked).

    This is where it comes from:

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    Wow learned something else new[​IMG]

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