what to do with probes between cooks

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Apr 14, 2014
i have a WSM and i put my maverick probes through the rubber probe slot, once I'm done cooking i pull them out and clean them and put them away. is that necessary? can i just leave them in? i feel like over time, if i keep taking them out and in the probes will break from the wear. any thoughts? 
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I have a MES and the probes stay in the smoker year round...JJ
I usually pull mine out of my WSM after they've cooled or the next day.  I like to clean them, especially the meat probe.  Here is it Thursday morning though and my probes are still in the smoker from last weekend's smoke.

I loop the end that connects to the transmitter through the lower handle just to keep it out of the way while the smoker cools off.  We have a feral cat that comes around my wife has named Fuzzy.  Yep, she feeds him.  I've caught him playing with the dangling probe so that's another reason I pull mine inside.

Time to go get the probes out of the smoker. Thanks for the reminder!
hahaha! glad to be of service! speaking of cats, my neighbour has a cat that comes around as soon as she smells the smoker going and she goes as far as to come in our house! also one more question. my maverick came with the 3ft probes so the device dangles and doesn't even reach the ground. where should i put the device in this situation? 
Yeah, I stopped using those 3' probes long ago, keeping them for backups in case one of the 6' probes I bought shorts out.  I have one of the first generation Weber Performer Kettles with the attached table.  It sits next to my WSM.  I use that table for everything, and that's where my transmitter sits.

The metal loop on the back of the transmitter is supposed to be good for hanging the transmitter from the handle on the lid.  That works fine until you have to take the lid off.  Or you could make a little table out of a section of 2"x8" board.  Cut two 15" or 18" legs and a 12" to 15" table top.  Screw the three pieces together.  Easy table for your transmitter.  If you reinforce the leg/top corner with two triangles screwed to the sides and top it makes a great sit stool too. 
Welcome and good morning, looks like you already have a lot of prob information. Glad you joined up.

Gary S
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