Creosote question

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I find I mostly get creosote at the end of a cook when I let the fire die out, or in the case of my WSM when I cut the vents to kill the fire at the end of the cook. So you can run a clean fire during the cook and still get some creosote. It's just going happen regardless, the best you can do is slow it down. As far as cleaning, I clean my offset after every cook. There's just going to be some stuff left behind on the grates but it won't build up bad if you just stay on top of it. Also it never gets hot enough to really cook on there like on a grill.
After realizing it I am going to have to keep up on it. I typically open everything up to let the fire/embers burn out. It hasn't made any of my food taste bad, it's just very noticeable when you put the food on whatever surface you put it on after removing it from the smoker.
If you have time I think letting everything burn out is better than shutting it down. On the Franklin I can't close it down so it just burns out. I still get some creosote but nowhere near what I get on the WSM that burns dirtier. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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