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Welcome everyone.

And Thanks go out to Brian for making the new section.

Now lets all learn how the SV can help.
Thank you Brian and everyone else that made this possible. I look forward to learning as much as I can about SV cooking with the help from other members of SMF.
Congrats and thank you to the forum for opening the SV discussion topic!! As I write this, I'm compelled to inform you that I am enjoying my lunch of home made meat sauce with SV garlic basil polenta.  

Yes, the SV can do much more than meats, fish and chicken, with the same incredible results!!!! Polenta without all the stirring and forearm burns from the splattering corn meal. Too simple!

Looking forward to sharing insights, experiences, and advice with our SV members!

What a wonderful surprise and thank you so much for this great forum addition to our already great SMF!  Excellent addition!  We needed this!
My finger has hovered over the purchase button several times, this may push me to finally clicking!
Yoda: Want one you do

CB: But master i have a wife to ask.

Yoda: Kill you only once she can.

CB: But but

Yoda: No Buts, Do or do not. CB Use the force.
I just started looking more closely at SV last night, and behold, today I find a new topic for a forum on it! Is it a sign??? Thinking I could try it without anything real fancy first and if I like the results, get some equipment. I read a post yesterday where Cranky said he had a steak done SV recently and it was the best steak he ever had. I make great steak, but I think the next ones will be SV and then a char for comparison purposes. Will do a thread when the time comes.
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Mods, please move this from General Discussions to SV

Thats allot to move. It could disrupt everything in the world 
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