Wagyu Brisket and sandwich

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WOW WOW WOW... fantastic indeed.
Wife is looking over my shoulder... guess I know what sammie turns her on now!!!
Took a shot at smoking a Wagyu Brisket (from Snake River Farms, ~10lbs after it was trimmed).

Followed Franklin BBQ recipe as best I could - salt & pepper rub and smoke (oak wood).
Smoked for about 8+ hours at around 250' then wrapped in butcher paper after stall and back on the heat at 270' for another 4+ hours. Total cook time = 13 hrs.

Used an Oklahoma Joe Highland reverse flow.

I was done with A LOT of time to spare, so I let the meat rest for about a little bit and then placed it in a cooler for about 6 hours. It was my first time smoking a wagyu brisket and I wanted to make sure I had enough time to cook and be ready for guests...I guess I could have started a bit later.

I was concerned that the meat would not be right after being in the cooler for that long but it was damn good. Very tender but not mushy.

I made some sandwiches inspired by the Z-Man sandwich - brioche rolls, provolone, brisket, bbq sauce, coleslaw, pickles, french-fried onions, matchstick french fries.

Did not disappoint.

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Wow this looks great need to try
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