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  1. B

    Wagyu Brisket and sandwich

    Took a shot at smoking a Wagyu Brisket (from Snake River Farms, ~10lbs after it was trimmed). Followed Franklin BBQ recipe as best I could - salt & pepper rub and smoke (oak wood). Smoked for about 8+ hours at around 250' then wrapped in butcher paper after stall and back on the heat at 270'...
  2. A

    Wagyu Bergers - Best Method

    Over the pandemic I found and fell in love with cooking A5 Wagyu steaks at home. I've now ordered enough that they send me free ground wagyu beef with my orders, so I guess its time to make some bergers. Anyone have experience with this? Thoughts on the best preperation method? Straight grill...
  3. splendorlex

    Wagyu Short Rib on SmokeFire EX4 - Should I do a liquid/braise step?

    Hey all-- I was shopping for a pork butt for Mother's Day, and I saw my store had some Wagyu Short Ribs. I decided to pick them up and give them a shot. Now I have cooked beef short ribs, but only once. My intention is to hit em with my Kosmos SPG, throw em on my SmokeFire at 250 and see what...
  4. SmokinAl


    As many of you already know I was the lucky recipient of a free SRF Wagyu brisket. It was from a member on here who wishes to remain anonymous. Originally I was planning on smoking it for Easter, but the weather yesterday & today are perfect for outdoor grilling. So we did an all night smoke in...
  5. A

    Best place to buy whole packer brisket? Austin TX

    Hey! I'm visiting Texas and I'd like to buy a brisket or 2 to take back home with me. I'm not from the US and brisket has gotten super expensive back home. Choice grade is about the price of a prime here in the US, if not more. So I thought I might as well take advantage of that and get a nice...
  6. stubbornjimmy

    Snake River Farms Wagyu Short Ribs!

    If you are looking to smoke some short ribs, I recommend going to SNR and picking up their 3 bone wagyu pack! These were enough to feed 6 people with room for leftovers. Fun smoke!
  7. pnolanb

    40 day dry aged bone-in Wagyu rib roast results

    First time with dry aging at home using an Umai bag. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Thinking about building out an actual dry aging cooler to dive deeper into this. I have found some DIY mods online. Does anyone here have some suggestions or images of what they have done that can help...
  8. C

    60-Day Dry Aged Wagyu Brisket Smoke

    Hey all, Quarantine had me somewhat bored so I am experimenting with a Wagyu Brisket. I decided to dry age it for 60-days. It looks amazing after a trim, but I am curious if the fat content will speed up or slow down the smoking process. Also curious if the finishing temp should be higher or...
  9. schlotz

    Finally, a brisket everyone liked!

    Like many, brisket has been my nemesis. While I've smoked many that have been acceptable, I never was satisfied that the end result was at least a 9 out 10. The son-in-law brought me a 13# Wagyu from a Ranger buddy of his (who has gone into raising cattle) and asked me to smoke it. Well, I was...