wagyu brisket

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    Wagyo Brisket and Wagyu Beef Belly-AMEX card be damned

    I have been searching for beef belly to try my hand at beef bacon and found a site with Wagyu beef belly and brisket. Given the market has treated me well in August I went for it. I always like to go big on the first game of the season so figured that would be a good time for the brisket...
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    Wagyu Brisket and sandwich

    Took a shot at smoking a Wagyu Brisket (from Snake River Farms, ~10lbs after it was trimmed). Followed Franklin BBQ recipe as best I could - salt & pepper rub and smoke (oak wood). Smoked for about 8+ hours at around 250' then wrapped in butcher paper after stall and back on the heat at 270'...
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    Best place to buy whole packer brisket? Austin TX

    Hey! I'm visiting Texas and I'd like to buy a brisket or 2 to take back home with me. I'm not from the US and brisket has gotten super expensive back home. Choice grade is about the price of a prime here in the US, if not more. So I thought I might as well take advantage of that and get a nice...