Tony C creole butter injection amount

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 9, 2017
Doing two chickens for tomorrow, injecting tonight for pulled chicken sandwiches. Do ya'll stick w 1oz per pound when using this injection? Still add rub if so? Debating using it all or saving some to pour into the pulled chicken and whether or not to use additional rub. Don't want it to be too salty.
If I inject poultry I usually inject it with as much as it will hold. I either apply salt, pepper, and garlic just sprinkled on not on like rub or go ahead and apply a rub just depends on the flavor profile I'm looking for. Personally I would not mix in Tony C's in after pulling until after I tried it on a very small amount just to try it and see if I liked it like that
I'd inject and rub. Then after cooking and pulling taste the meat and see what you think. Can always add but cant subtract.

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Spot on info above . This is how I do it .
Pour the injection in a glass . Use that to pull from , don't use the bottle . For an 8 lb. or so chicken I use about 1/2 the bottle if using Tony C's . Pump it full . It will naturally retain about 10 % .
Hold over night , covered in the fridge . Next morning pull it out and rinse . Pat dry and go back in the fridge uncovered until you're ready to smoke .
Don't use the injection added back to the cooked meat . Add rub or sauce if it needs something .
I use netting to hang the birds .
I toss the skin and break it down . This was a home brew Phosphate injection
that uses veg stock as a base .
Then shred . This didn't need anything , but some rub or some sauce would work .
If I season the bird before smoking , it's black pepper only on the skin . I'll adjust at the time it's pulled if it needs more salt .
Big fan of injecting but have been dry brining birds on the longer side and equally good. You need like 2-3 days min, I go a week-ish as best for my schedule. This is a fryer brokedown rubbed with Nando Peri Peri rub after a week ran at 325F on the gasser with smoke tube (for the last time!).

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