Tony chachere creole butter injection

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Aug 3, 2016
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I was just wondering if anyone has ever used Tony Chachere creole butter injection for a boston butt? I know people use it on pork tenderloin so I'm guessing it will be okay for a butt? What are yalls thoughts on this?
We use creole butter in several things and really like it! It used to just be Tony's but getting harder to find so we use a fair amount of zatarans now as well!

Hell Yeah! Use it if ya got it.

And if ya don't got it, make your own.
It's really easy and you can make all sorts of flavors.

Cajun Butter
2 sticks of melted butter
3T Cajun spice mix
2T garlic, powder or granulated
Now you can substitute ingredients, e.g. substitute herbs for cajun spice, add 1c of apple juice to the Cajun, or garlic, or ...
What’s this 40-140 in four business? Once you pull from the fridge and start smoking you have to hit 140 in four hours? Why, because of the injecting?
Why, because of the injecting?
Yes. On an intact muscle, as long as the surface hits 140° in 4 hours, you're fine, but once you inject, it's no longer an intact muscle. Surface bacteria has likely been introduced into the interior of the muscle, hence the need to hit an IT of 140° in 4 hours.
Re the 40-140 … when I want to inject a large intact muscle I let it go a couple hours first to get the outer surface well above 140, and then inject (being careful to not contaminate the syringe or contents too). And the head start makes the internal goal of 140 within next 4 hr pretty sure.
Never thought of it before, but maybe can accomplish same thing earlier just using my torch on the insertion area. Should kill everything pretty much instantly. Just a birthmark on the butt 😁
The 40-140 is more of a guideline and not a rule.

IMO the magic of injecting takes time to do it's work and distribute in the meat. I inject night before or 2. I like TC butter but is a bit bold. I like to try and keep my injections mild and not something obvious. What got me hooked on injecting was simply apple juice. Takes the oink out. Lots of fans of Cherry Dr. Pepper too. My current injection is based on Mixon's with added STPP. Alternately a finishing sauce mixed with degreased drippings can work. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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