Flank Steak & Black Garlic

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Apr 17, 2020
Southaven, MS
Man that is a great looking meal. I wouldnt turn down a plate.
And I thought that honey bear looked familiar. Rafter H BBQ Rafter H BBQ sent me some of that honey, and it is some good stuff!

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Feb 15, 2023
I randomly caught a recipe online that involved black garlic and was intrigued. I had to order some online and so I’ll try a few things. Tonight was hectic, as always, so I couldn’t do anything special, but I seasoned some managers special flank steak Friday night so this was my first go.

I used the Traeger tonight. @Steve H was generous a while back with an extra A-maz-n tube and it’s been used almost weekly. Pellet pooper was 250, I took the flank up to 135 IT.
View attachment 654543
Once flank was at 135 they were pulled and rested for a bit. Then I used my new SV Christmas gift to hold them at 135 while I made sides. Still using random things to keep meat submerged 🤣
View attachment 654544

We went with polenta as a side with Brussel sprouts. For the sprouts I used one of several tasty gifts from Rafter H BBQ Rafter H BBQ and heated 4 tblspoons of huckleberry honey with about 3 of basaltic vinegar and whisked to incorporate.
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I used the air fryer for the sprouts at 400 for about 15 minutes. Then drizzled this huckleberry sauce over the sprouts.
View attachment 654548
Polenta was instant….4.5 cups chicken broth boiled and slow pour of polenta, off heat, whisking constantly. Once consistency was right added 1/2 stick butter. More would’ve been better!
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Than the black garlic……
View attachment 654551 View attachment 654552 View attachment 654553
There are a lot of options for Black Garlic. For this try I did plane black garlic butter and thyme.

Pulled the flank from hot water and seared.
View attachment 654555
Then rest, cut, and plate.
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So, Black Garlic….. I love it, but it’s not a silver bullet. The mallard reduces the bite of raw garlic and makes it very sweet. My issue is that there was too much sweet in this plate and not enough savory. Polenta (Corn) sweet, sprouts with honey/balsamic was sweet, and the butter with black garlic was drowned out with the meat. That being said, I loved the black garlic butter with salted/peppered meat on its own. Great meal and fun!

Thank you for your time!
Looks incredible! need to give it a go
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