Todays smoke..Bacon with Q-view..Finally..the money shot!!!!!!!

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Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Jul 19, 2010
Followed Bearcarvers excellent how to and it has been resting in the fridge with a heavy coating of pepper,onion powder and granular garlic.

Loaded the amazen with apple and some alder.

Put the amazen in the dry water pan.

MES at 100.

I may run 2 amazen loads.

Have a great day!!


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lookin' good.andd i would run 2 loads of dust with the AMNS, i ran it twice with 2 different AMNSs (that would be 4 total).
Out of the smoker.

amazen runs 9.5 hours smoking time.

 Shut the Mes off after 4 hours.

Still warm at removal time.

Man Craig you are on a roll - I have never seen anyone smoke as much food as you have in this short time .  Awesome man
Man Craig you are on a roll - I have never seen anyone smoke as much food as you have in this short time .  Awesome man
Thank you.. I am enjoying my new hobby. The Woman likes it too.

 I have lots of time and wonderful new friends here.

 I consider it part of my recovery.  In fact..all the Drs and therapists have said it's great that I am doing this.

Unlike some others who sit around being pissed about their new disability.

I also am volunteering a few hours a week at Shepherd Center working on wheelchairs.

  Slicing pics will be up after noon.

  Have a great day!!

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This batch turned out real nice.

Thanks again to Bear Carver for the step by step.

Started out with 14 Pound belly.

Vaced and freezing 9 pounds. Not bad considering it was skin on.

Did extra smoking time with the MES off. Thanks Chefrob.

Todays taste test was...way good.



Have a great day and thanks for all the nice comments!!

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Thank You for the thank you---You too Malisaw!

You guys are great, and your Bacons are Awesome looking!

That's great too Craig---volunteering to work on wheelchairs---Just don't go Harley on us & start souping them up !!!!

Thanks for the kind words,

Way to go Craig, you hit a home run this time. Glad that this is therapy for you, & I'm sure all your friends & neighbors are enjoying your new hobby too.
Thanks fellas!!

That is some seriously meaty looking Bacon -- did you get that belly from HMart?  I might have to drive down there and spend a bit more on my belly...looks like it'd be a worthwhile trip if yours is an example.
WOW!  That looks really really good.  I will give bacon a shot this spring and save some for the July / August Ohio tomatos.  How long can bacon last in the freezer? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.