Treating Friends To Cherry Smoked Picanha (Heavy Q-View)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Rick and Susan were here weekend before last for ribs and we discovered that after all the meals we've shared, I've never cooked a Picanha roast for them. That needed to change ASAP so had them out again this past weekend. Those have become pretty much our favorite roast, even topping the tenderloin roasts. This was going to be a treat so wanted to do a little nicer meal. Nothing over the top, just nicer than the basic rib dinner from the week before.

The roast.

Trim it a bit, remove the silver skin from the bottom, score the fat cap, season with Worcestershire sauce, kosher salt, and black pepper.

Man I just love the coloring of the CPB products. So deep, rich, and yummy looking.

A pan of 3-cheese scalloped potatoes. The onions are fresh out of Rick's garden.

Running this one real low and real slow. Smoker is at 200 with cherry wood rolling some nice TBS.

Baby Bellas. Filling is softened cream cheese, minced onion, and a nice dose of Jeff's Texas rub, then sprinkled with chives.These will go into a CI skillet later and get cooked on the grill.

Appetizer plate with more of the red wine Borolo sausage from CPB, two amazing cheeses I got from our good friend Steve H Steve H in our Christmas exchange, and some club crackers.

I never get tired of seeing this.

Roast at the 1 1/2 hour mark. Looking pretty good so far. Two pics.


'Shrooms into the CI skillet with some of my homemade garlic and herb infused EVOO and a nice dose of minced garlic, then onto the grill.

Rick made a Caparese salad. The tomatoes and herbs are out of his garden. I know it looks like a Christmas wreath but it was amazing!!

Taters were cooked on the grill and are all done. I pity Tracy having to clean this one...and I used non-stick cooking spray before putting it together.

Roast is all done.

Sliced. Two pics. Very nicely cooked even though Tracy made me burn it and take the thing to 130 IT.


Mushrooms done.

The whole spread.

My first plate. On the patio of course.

Nice shot of the meat.

Another outstanding meal. We just love this cut and as hoped, so did Rick and Susan. both agreed that this was better than anything they have previously had. The Picanha is every bit as tender as the tenderloin but has a much deeper and richer beef flavor being that it comes from the sirloin. The taters were outstanding and the 'shrooms were also but they were really rich. Just a couple was plenty....although Rick and I managed to eat all 8 of them :emoji_laughing: The highlight was the Caparese salad though. There is just not much better than garden fresh veggies, especially tomatoes. I could have almost made a meal out of the salad by itself. All in all, a successful meal that was enjoyed by all.

Calling this one a wrap....finally and alas. Y'all take care and see everybody soon.

WOW Robert that looks like an outstanding meal. Your lucky I dont live near by you would never get rid of me.
WOW Robert that looks like an outstanding meal. Your lucky I dont live near by you would never get rid of me.
You and me both!! But if hes gonna put out feedings like that I might move into the neighborhood too!

Very nice. I really liked the picanha steak you sent me. Excellent color and flavor and it was tender for grass fed beef. We used to live on ranch and we do know a bit about grass fed beef. Quality was grade AA. I think we're going to have a bunch of people over & do the brisket for the 4th.

We wandered through Nebraska last year on a road trip and noticed what we thought were Chianina but they could have been Piedmontese. The brisket will be interesting.

Thanks Again
I have a sirloin cap wet aging out in the garage. I was going to cut into steaks Friday but yours looks so good I think I'll run it with my BBB that was ready this past weekend but due to a dental emergency (fractured tooth late thursday night) has been pushed back to this weekend. I run my BBB at about 210 so should be about right for this little beauty. Mine is a humble Publix cut though ;)

I have a secret that I'll gladly share with the forum and Tracy. Citric acid. It's what the fancy expensive dishwasher cleaner tabs are made of. When I have a crazy burned on mess, I toss a handful of vitamin C tablets into the dishwasher and run it though a power sanitize cycle. I just get plain old vitamin C tabs from wally world or amazon that you can take as a vitamin supplement. Does the same thing. Add dishawasher detergent as usual. Just also add vitamin C in the compartment. Takes off every little bit off burned on mess most of the time, might have to scape off a few little spots. Doesn't harm any dishes that I have found so far, even my stainless pots and pans.

You can run a handful in the washing machine occasionally too. Keeps it fresh and eats up any buildup.
Man Robert! This looks spectacular!! You can also get citric acid on amazon. Back in my appliance repair days. That's what I'd recommend. Though, amazon wasn't around then. I usually grab a pound or two from work.
Man Robert! That is some great looking food! Every dish is just incredible. I wish I would of ordered some of that when had sale. Guy coming up from your area, Flatonia to get boat Friday. I ended up selling to cheap but just wanted to be done. I just hope cashiers check good!
Done to perfection Robert! Got to agree with Tracy, a little char and 130º IT on Picanha is flavor town for me.
Robert, what else to say but that plate is amazing...... I may just have to find a reason to do a little hog hunting nearby so I can come say "HI"!!!!
WOW Robert that looks like an outstanding meal. Your lucky I dont live near by you would never get rid of me.

You and me both!! But if hes gonna put out feedings like that I might move into the neighborhood too!
Thanks to both of the Jims. We'd love to have both of you in the community. With the economy in the tanks there are a bunch of nice houses for sale in the community and prices are dropping. Load up and come on!!

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What a great looking plate..That salad picture is off the charts !!
Thanks so much Mike and I agree. That salad made my jaw drop when we took the foil off of it. Rick's first ever attempt at putting something together for one of our gatherings and he nailed it.

Wow Robert another perfect meal shared with friends 😍. The houses in your 'hood should be going quick 😀!

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