Thanks to The Barbe Queen, I finally get to.....

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Master of the Pit
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May 7, 2010
augusta ga
SLEEP WITH THE UPS GUY!!! LOL! And the mailman, and the courier on a bike guy. Dang, I need a cigarette.

She sent me this awesome pillowcase. Did you make it TBQ? That was awful sweet of you to send this. It sure made my day. Thanks and big hugs to ya!!

Well, for those of you who don't know the story - some members here (that I love and adore aka Johnny, Todd, Bear, Meateater, Beer-B-Que, gosh and a few others) I made mention ONCE that my UPS guy looked alot like Harry Connick, Jr. and I thought he was a sweetheart. Well, I got some beef about it (in a good way) and my dear friend TBQ made me a nice pillowcase, sooooo, I could finally, ummm, sleep with him. LOL! Love me some Barbe Queen!
HUMMM - not sure but I think this is a diversion to make us think that it didn't happen cause there are no pics . an My sense is that there is more to this story that we are not hearing  
OMG this is some funny stuff. Love those squirrel pics! I will be seeing alot of my Harry Connick, Jr. between now and Christmas. I did all of my shopping online.
 I'll be one happy squirrel. Now all I need to do is set fire to something (besides the UPS guy!) Hugs to everybody and big hug the TBQ for thinking of me!
Your new pillow gives a new meaning to "Pillow Talk"!

The "Boys" on the pillow look young enough to be your sons, I mean "Little Brother"!!!


(with my regrets to Paul Anka)


Put your head on their SHOULDERS...

Hug them in your arms, Squirrel-Girl

Squeeze it oh-so-tight, ORDER

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