Finally Did It (First Salami)

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If it make you feel better.....I've had 7 salami failures since I started 4 years ago due to bad happens, but not as often as it use to now that I have a good supplier.
I feel like crap about it as it was my first.., but I think I may have found a source of both back fat and fresh jowls so my guanciale may still be a reality also, but won't know til Saturday. Either way, the beat goes on.
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It looks good but yes I have had some flops also.

Speaking of fat.

My sister is bringing me 10 pounds of nice hard white backfat from TX next week...YAY
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I've often thought about buying pigs, feeding through the winter and butchering. indaswamp indaswamp , I'll place my vote for the "how to feed a pig" thread. If you know, it would also be nice to know how long it takes to impact. Can I buy a pig, feed for a month and be good, it do I have to buy piglets.
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