Squeeze Bottles

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Nov 25, 2023
May seem like an odd question, but I hate buying cheaper stuff that breaks if I can avoid it. Another dollar to two for a better product is worth it to me…

I found a couple squeeze bottles in the cupboard, the type you put oil, etc. in, but the lids with the spout leaks. I hate to replace them with equally cheap and disposable bottles. Have you found a brand of squeeze bottles that are a bit heftier and do not leak through the lid threads?

Thank you!
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I have several , and no trouble with any of them . Most are just generic branding , but I have 2 that are Blackstone . They're better quality in my opinion .
I'm using bottles from GFS that don't leak for me. I will likely buy a pair of the Blackstone bottles next deal I see. They do seem heavier duty and are larger.
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I was at Academy Sports on Thursday and checked out the Blackstone bottles - very nice, but they were a bit large for what I need. They were $9.99 for two, though. While I was there I checked out their seasonings and BBQ sauces and noticed some of the BBQ sauces, like the Blues Hog brand, came in a really nice squeeze bottle that could be reused, thus killing two birds with one stone.
Repurposed is where I source many of my containers.

Have you looked at the Wally World brand? Not as heavy as the BS, but for 99¢ a bargain.
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Have you looked at the Wally World brand? Not as heavy as the BS, but for 99¢ a bargain.
Tried them. Very thin plastic. Give ‘em a squeeze with a reasonably thick sauce in them and they deform enough that the top pops right off, dumping 8 oz or so of sauce onto the rib rack you are trying to wrap.

It happened at a KCBS competition. I trashed them there.
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