Pickle Blunder

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Aug 1, 2018
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Well I just did my pickles and grabbed the wrong package! I meant to use the Bread and Butter and used the Hot and Spicy!

IMG_20240321_124645639.jpg IMG_20240321_120109442.jpg IMG_20240321_124240484_HDR.jpg

I ended up just using 2 oz of the mix, 2 cups vinegar, .5 cups water 1.5 cups sugar. Who knows? Need about another 1/4 cup liquid. I vacuum sealed and will put into fridge. I will go get more pickles now!

I like using Allulose when I concerned about crystalizing but it only 70% as sweet as sugar so I been adding Monkfruit extract to make up the difference. Makes a killer simple syrup. I found one that is all ready blended and this the first time trying:


There are several others brands now since I bought this one. The price has gone up on it. The So Nourished brand looks to be cheaper and will probably get it next time.
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Those are gonna be good Brian . Might grab a bag of the Wages this morning .
I finally found a jar of the Nathan's sweet horseradish chips at GFS yesterday .
These are addicting . I should have bought 2 jars .
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