STX Turboforce II plates

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Mar 10, 2024
For those who have this brand or specific machine....

Have you found a 6mm plate that fits? It's a #12 but either the plate I got wasn't machined well, or the machine isn't fabricated to the standard diameter out of the factory.
How long have you had the machine? Have you contacted the company?

I've had one for a long time - one of the old original air cooled induction versions that they actually advertised as 'strong enough to grind chicken wings'. I've never tried any other plates in it.
Lem Plate

I believe I have the same machine. If you look at the Lem it only has one notch, the STX two that stick out. Google it, WebstaurantStore they have the same style but not sure of all the measurements
Just a follow up. I contacted SFX who stated they are unaware of any plates that fit their device other that the ones supplied with the machine. So, basically, what they describe as a #12 is not actually a standard LEM/etc size.

I tried a 4mm smaller plate and it still was too large. Standard should be 65-69mm I believe. A 65mm plate was too big still. So, the machine, while it works, is a bit into false advertising on size. I suppose that is fine since it eats up what I put into it. I'm just annoyed I can't add a plate in a very common size. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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