smoking brisket and having a major temp issue (not anymore, updated with QView)

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Jan 11, 2011
Smoking a brisket. I have my new maverick e-72 or whatever it is, the ont that monitors chamber and meat temps. The chamber temp is reading 220 while or taylor digital is reading 255! Both probes are right next to each other, not touching the grate. Both were tesated before I used them today and both were right on. I've used the taylor to monitor chamber temp in the past, kept it at 225, and everything took much longer than expected. Is it possible the taylor isn't designed to monitor chamber temp like that? Not sure which one to trust here

No the taylor can monitor anything anywhere. It doesn't know what it's in or what it's measuring. I have both of those thermo meter that you have. Now I wouldn't mind the different temp by the different probe units. I have had them almost together too and they read different then I put them into the meat near each other and they read the exact same. I know go figure. Now I would use one in the meat and then one in the chamber. But one thing that you do need to do is take some Q-view and we can help you alot better. Or thats what we tell everyone thats new here. So you are doing just fine you have a long way to go yet.
I understand...I guess my issue is I want to make sure I'm around 225 and not at 255 or 260...that is what the taylor says right now, while the maverick is at 225. everytime I've used the taylor in the past I've kept it at 225...and then everything took so long to get done, talking 2.5 hours per lb on a brisket with the taylor, so my suspicion is its reading the chamber temp hotter than it actually is... I will definitely get some qview for u guys this time, its the least I could do for all the help I've received here...only reason I havnt in the past is I don't have a camera but. Ill figure something out...
What kind of smoker do you have? Put your palm over the exhaust and see what it feels like. A 220 degree fire will feel a bit warm (or cold if you do this enough) and a 255 will be unpleasant in about 6-8 seconds. Do you have a probe in the meat? Just keep smoking that brisket for about 8 hours then start doing a probe test with a toothpick every 2 hours until it gets tender.

You can recheck your thermos later. For right now, ditch the technology and smoke the brisket until it looks, smells and feels good. You'll know when that is..
Have a masterbuilt propane smoker. I don't usually probe the meat for at leas the first 8 hours. This is a 12lb brisket so ill probably probe at about hour 10. Now I have the taylor at 240 and the maverick at 220. Ill settle for an average of 230 there. Ill try to get some q view up when I open it up to throw on my pork butt here in a little bit
alright, started trusting the maverick and it looks like a good call. both are motorin along nicely. this shot is up to spray. will leave them (brisket and shoulder) rest for another 2-3 hours before i open the chamber again...

Quetion fellas. Its about 10am now and my briskwt is almost done. I planned on serving it at about 330-4...will this stay warm foiled, wrapped, and pllaced in a cooler, until then?
I've kept them in a cooler for 6+ hours & they were still in the 160's. You'll be fine, just use the biggest cooler you can find and as many towels or blankets that will fit around the brisket.
Quetion fellas. Its about 10am now and my briskwt is almost done. I planned on serving it at about 330-4...will this stay warm foiled, wrapped, and pllaced in a cooler, until then? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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