Smoked Mississippi Pot Roast in CI Dutch Oven.

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Saw a recipe for this on and thought I want this. Of course then I look on SMF and there are many posts. Should have looked here first but I was browsing😂

Got a nice 3.65lb Chuck Roast and seasoned overnight with Fresh cracked pepper and Lawrys with onion garlic and smoked paprika powders. Didn’t go to crazy with the Lawrys as the ranch and au jus and peperoncinis have salt also. Smoked for 3.5 hrs between 235 and 275 on my Grand Champ then put it all together on a bed of sliced onion in a CI Dutch oven and back on the smoker till it probed like butter and was 210 IT.

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3.5 hrs and ready to pull off and put in the DO.

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All in all I am happy how it came out. Very tasty and Smokey. Could have used a few less of the peporoncini for me. I wish I could have found some better rolls. The ciabatta’s are great but feel like I wanted a Hogie roll. Not the best plate shot😂😂
mama does the pepperoncini chuck in cock pot all the time. no smoke, but I might change that.
Chuck roast has gotten god-awful expensive compared to old days. I got one to do chuck burnt ends for tomorrow.
To me that looks Ahsome. Toasting the buns keeps the juices from making it soggy with any kind of bun. Yours looks great to me is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.