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    Little different here. It's been a cool summer and my tomatoes did really well. I think I'll be picking stragglers in October. Green peppers were nice even tho I only planted a few. Winter squash came out good. My cucumbers didn't do anything this year. I don't know what went wrong there. I've got some habaneros coming and a few Tabasco peppers too.
  2. Our Tomato's did really well, wife canned about 20 jars of regular and about 12 jars of green tomato relish, still have 3 plants that are producing, probably one more time picking beans.

  3. Started tilling garden today, I'm about a week late but haven't felt that great, not finished tilling hip started hurting (the one I had replaced) so I thought I better quit for today, I'll get there

  4. We got a couple of inches of rain Saturday night, waiting for garden to dry out enough to till  maybe today ? We'll see
  5. Finished tilling yesterday evening, planted everything this morning. I post a couple pictures of the garden.

    Here is what I planted

    Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Carrots, Butter crunch Lettuce, Spinach, Loose leaf Lettuce & Onions

  6. Here are a few pictures

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    Looks nice, you can come and pull my tomatoes for me they are about done. 

  8. Hey DS I'll be right there.   After everything was done in the garden, I had planted 3 Tomato Plants late, 2 by the fence on West end of the garden and one by the dining room window. pulled the 2 by the fence end of last week, the one by the window still producing.

  9. Most of my seed are coming up.

  10. Pulled up the last tomato plant yesterday  Boo Hoo 

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    Pulled our last Tomato today ,ah what am I saying only had 1 plant. Got a gallon of Green Pickled Tomatoes sitting in brine now.

  12. I love Green Tomato Relish Wife put up 12 jars, about 20 jars of reg. tomato's   And bread and butter and dill pickles

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    Gary how much is it to ship a jar of pickles to Ohio? :)
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    I've pulled up all my plants but one. I'm waiting for the last few to ripen. I've got a few hot pepper plants that are hanging on and as long as we don't get a frost we might get to pick some good stuff yet.

    These little Tabasco peppers are like firecrackers!
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  15. Kinda sad when you get down to the last plant. I've got a couple that came up late (over in the corner where I threw away some bad tomato's)  (birds got to them)  But I looked  yesterday and one has several  tomato's on it.

  16. Garden coming along, when I pulled all my summer stuff I sprayed the entire garden with Roundup (had lots of clover and weeds I think I got from the Cow Manure) waited for everything to die, cleaned it all up and tilled it up and planted. Veggies coming up along with a bumper crop of clover and weeds. Cleaning up some but tired of messing with it. I'll just let it go get the veggies as the come in. and when its done spray it all again. Well see next spring if I still have the weed problem.

    Picked a bunch of Spinach yesterday, wife made Spinach/mushroom, chicken enchiladas with cilantro cream sauce

  17. Getting lots of spinach and lettuce so far, gave neighbor some spinach she said she had never had it fresh right out of the garden. She said she was going to stuff chicken breast with it and mozzarella , Also gave her my recipe for fresh mozzarella 

  18. Update,  Lettuce, Spinach carrots and scallions going like crazy, fresh salad every night and plenty for the neighbors. When I pulled all the summer plants I threw some in the corner, One of the tomato plants rooted and started producing late in the season, sooooo  my wife pulled all the green tomatoes and the neighbor pulled her's for us, and here they are now.  Green Tomato Relish   That's it on the tomato's for this year

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    Looks great,  Nice relish

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    Gary.... My garden quit growing.... It's 13 degrees..... You are lucky..... Dave

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