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  1. Garden Pictures and my Grapevine & patio 

  2. O-K  pulled a few squash and zucchini today, tomato plants have little tomatoes all over them everything looking good so far.
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    Control may be desirable in situations where physical damage is occurring or the presence of the insects is causing significant distress. The wasps were controlled in a West Virginia study by sprays of the pyrerthroid insecticides (cyfluthrin or cyhalothrin). Applications were made directly into the burrows or only to the entrances where the wasps contacted the insecticides as they entered and left. Broadcast sprays over the area where cicada killers were nesting were not effective in reducing their numbers.

    saw this online....hope it helps. I think I saw one of those in my life and that was enough. Good luck.
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  4. Getting a few squash and zucchini each day, I'll try and post a new picture of the garden

  5. Here are the new garden and yard pictures.

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    [​IMG]  Very nice!!!
  7. Update, garden coming along great, corn is about 6', been getting plenty of squash, zucchini, cucumbers and a few peppers. Tomato's are loaded not quite ready yet, I planted carrots late, just starting to pop up, and just remembered eggplant so I got them planted a couple days ago. I have one grape vine, if it continues, we will have quite a few grapes, (it's loaded)  I need a bigger garden, thinking about doubling the size this fall, 

    Gary S
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    Tomatoes !!!!!!! I have 6 blooms on my mater plants....
  9. Hey Dave, I'll post a pic's maybe tomorrow, I ordered some seeds from Burpee (Summer Girl) tomato's  firts batch only produced about 5-6 plants, which died, sent me another package, most of them came up (late of course) but looking good, gave neighbor some,  planted the rest, they are way behind the others, but coming along.  Fire ants under control thanks to your suggestion. Great stuff.

    Getting ready to watch San Antonio whip Miami    (I hope)

  10. Here are a couple of new pictures  Garden and Grapevine

  11. Here is my corn, and a shot at some tomato's  Had heavy rain and wind yesterday, tomato's were a mess, finally got them back upright. You can see the corn is leaning.

  12. We have been blessed with rain all week, pulled corn yesterday, wife already canned a bunch of bread and butter pickles. been eating and giving away squash and tomatoes every day. probably will have a lot of tomato's ready at once for wife to can.

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    Looks good Gary...... my garden is still trying to grow... Tomatoes are still a month away.... No cukes on the vines yet.... Onions are starting to bulb...... One variety of garlic is still 2-3 weeks away.... 2nd cutting of alfalfa is ready but the weather in NOT !!!!!... Rain is forecast through Saturday and then I will have to see what the outlook is....
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    Hi guys.  It's been a while.  Had to cut the internet off on my phone.

    Garden looks great.  Mine is a work in progress.  I need to get my grandfather out to tell me what I'm doing wrong.  Between my grandfather, dad, and me none of our broccoli turned out.  Just grew straight up and bloomed.  Grandfather lost most of his garden to the grasshoppers.  He said the other day he’s ready to shred it down…..”I’d rather shred it than let those pesky hoppers get it”.  

    Hi Hambone1950.  As I get older I realize everything has a place…..even cicada killers.  We even have a dove with two eggs in my wife’s hanging basket.  I grew up in the country raising cattle and horses.  In my 20 years there I only saw 2 cicada killers.  Now that I live in the city(Rowlett, Tx) I see them in our yard a lot.  Last year I counted 17 at one time.  With that many they can till a yard for you.  So far this year I’ve seen 9 and killed a few of them.  I don’t mind a few but 17 is bit much.  Best solution: they are slow so use a water hose to put them on the ground and then dispatch how you see fit.  

    Sorry Gary for jacking your thread. Your garden looks great.  
  15. Garden update ; 

    Since this is a small garden and I didn't want to take up to much space I planted 4 rows of corn with 6 per row, soooo  I had 24 stalks and got 62 ears  not bad for a back yard garden. Wife goes out every day at lunch and picket a basket full of veggies, Squash, Zucchini Tomato's, cucumbers bell & banana peppers. Eggplant plants are coming along (planted them late. Got all the corn stalks pulled today, probably clean all the grass and weeds up tomorrow and plant something else, Beans maybe ?  Tomato's are loaded, wife  (WE) can start canning some this weekend. I'm the assistant.

    Gary S
  16. Here is what Wife picked this morning, Squash and Zucchini are through, cucumbers slowing down tomato's still producing, eggplant coming along, beans up about 10"

  17. Summer garden is about done, Wife picked green tomato's today to make (green tomato relish)  The beans I planted are coming along nicely. After all the tomato's are gone I'll pull up the plants, re-till that part and plant lettuce, spinach. carrots and green onions.

    All in all had a real nice garden again this year with lots of veggies. 

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    Looks great so hot here nothing is wanting to grow very well for me. 

  19. Well it's about that time, Probably pick green beans one more time and get my last eggplant, then till it up for my fall garden.
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    What do you plant for a "fall" Garden?? We only get one growing season here. 

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