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  1. Fried is what most everyone does down this way, Me, I like it anyway you fix it

    When We Fry it, I usually blanch it for about 4 min then in ice water. Dry it, cut it into small bite

    size pieces and toss it in Corn Meal Mix. We fry it using a little olive oil till golden brown.

    I like it with Onions and Tomatoes 

    I start out with about a tablespoon of bacon grease in a skillet, Saute the onions (I slice them into not too thick rings and cut them in half) Then I dump in the okra stir it around a but then dump in a jar of my wife's canned tomatoes, a little seasoning (I use Tony's)

    let iy cook till everything is tender and YUM.

    We also grill em, Take them whole toss in olive oil sprinkle with favorite seasoning the toss on the grill, turn frequently JUst cook a bit , taste one and see it it needs more, again YUM

    Great in Gumbo, soups, stews

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  3. sqwib

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    Whats going on in Gary's Garden?
  4. Hey Buddy, I cut my Okra down (Tired of it) Turnips and greens are going like gangbusters, Bush beans and sugar snap peas coming along nicely. I had a couple of heads of garlic in the pantry so I broke them apart and planted them. Lettuce and carrots are starting to show. and just for fun (Texas A&M said you could) plant potatoes in the fall. Had about half a bag of red potatoes, cut them up let them dry for a couple of days and planted them. Most of the eyes were not what I wanted but oh well I have two plants that made and full of blooms right now I' take a pic and post it.
    Still fighting weeds and grass.

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    Try a "No Till" garden, you keep bringing the seeds to the surface, or plant a cover crop?
    Keep us posted I'm curious about the taters.
  6. Turnips and Greens going like gangbusters, Giving lots of greens away and eating quite a bit.
    Freeze last 2 nights got my Bush beans so we picked all the rest and pulled the plants 4 lbs of beans 7 bags for the freezer.

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    Hey Gary---Good you're getting that stuff in before the Big Snows Hit !! :rolleyes:

  8. The way the weather is around here it wouldn't surprise me a bit
  9. Fall Potatoes were a bust, but I only planted a small row, No biggie
    Giving away lots of Turnips and Greens, Sugar snap peas doing good Lettuce popping up and some carrots and maybe a little Spinach

    sqwib I'm sorry on the Okra question I'll go look at my seed pack and get back with you.


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