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Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by beaummiler, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. beaummiler

    beaummiler Meat Mopper

    I just got a brisket at sam's for the first time has anyone had any luck with there beef my usual sorces were either out or closed and i needed one asap for a big q sunday doin boston butt salmon brisket salameato im sure i didnt spell that right but i love them anyways and then some chicken so there will be enough food but i LOVE my brisket and hate not knowing how good someplaces meat is it felt good and loose
  2. pops6927

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    Did it have markings on the package as to grade?  US Standard , Select, No Roll, Choice, Prime etc?  That above anything will tell you the quality.  Select or No Roll is common, Choice is better, Prime is best.
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  3. boykjo

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    I think sams sells nothing but choice... someone correct me on this if I'm wrong
  4. Unless you're cooking for food critics, not many people can tell difference between grades of cooked meat, even side by side (especially if you're rubbing it and smoking it all day).  Just like a margarita (today WAS margarita day!) - can you tell the difference between say a low quality reposado and a high quality anejo in the margarita??  Doubtful...I'm a Costco guy (they have great meat), but Sam's is probably about the same.  Enjoy!

  5. jwbtulsa

    jwbtulsa Meat Mopper

    In Tulsa, our briskets at Sam's are either Choice or Prime. I've been buying there almost exclusively due to price. If you refer to any of my posts, those are All Sam's Club briskets. I also get their two pack butts, Tri-tip, ribeyes, and chuck roasts. Of the three Sam's that we have only one has superior meat selection. The other two remind me of Walmart quality. Like everything else, you have to shop around.
  6. beaummiler

    beaummiler Meat Mopper

    Ya its choice and i do cook a lot of choice i will get better grade if its avliable it just bugs me tryn meat from a new sorce cant wait tell it all hits the rack gonna be a long night
  7. ...and make sure you check the cryovac, not just the sticker...I've had Sam's sticker state 'choice' while unfortunately the cryovac stamp confirmed 'select'...
  8. beaummiler

    beaummiler Meat Mopper

    Ya i did that thanks for lookn out for people i am still a big on feeln the meat dont care if its grade a top of the line if it frozen i wont touch it usualy have really good luck but its not fool proof or for me its not but a guide
  9. bruno994

    bruno994 Master of the Pit

    Not around here, only select grade at my local Sam's. I wish they did though.As far as the quality, I have cooked all kinds, it is more the cooker than the cookee. Just do what you normally do and it will come out fine. I have cooked a number of choice right beside a select at comps and have turned in the select brisket more often than the choice.
  10. ronrude

    ronrude Meat Mopper

    I almost always buy Sam's meat. Especially nice marbling on the Butts.
  11. rabbithutch

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    I can't answer your question. I've cooked only one brisket from Sam's and I'm pretty sure it was choice.

    I've become an addict to the cooking shows on the PBS Create cable channel. I especially enjoy watching Jacques Pepin.

    I caught a show with Jacques and Julia Child cooking steaks and hamburger. Of course it was filmed many years ago. One of the things that Julia was lamenting was that it is practically impossible to find prime grade aged beef. Does anyone know if this is still true?

    Living where I do, there aren't many options for shopping. And, I'm sure I couldn't afford aged prime beef, anyway; but I'd like to know if anyone is buying it and what they have to pay per pound.
  12. beaummiler

    beaummiler Meat Mopper

    Dont know about aged but i havent had a problem getting prim but i have 4 good butcher shops that work with me and my needs some places can order what you want if you give them enough time or order it online
  13. beaummiler

    beaummiler Meat Mopper

    Ok guess my worry was for nothing it turnd ot perfect
  14. kathrynn

    kathrynn Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looks good!  Show more pics!!!![​IMG]
  15. beaummiler

    beaummiler Meat Mopper

    Sorry i will nxt time i wantd to get some as i was cutting it but the hungry mob wasnt having it but i will try to get some step by step pics next time i do it
  16. sparkchaser

    sparkchaser Newbie

    We buy most of our meat at Sam's. 

    Boneless rib eyes, boneless strip loins and boneless pork loins over the years and have not had a bad piece of meat yet. 

    We have bought meat that was advertised in the news paper at bargain basement prices and have been burned so far so good with Sam's.

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