Salmon Season

Discussion in 'Fish' started by blacklab, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Salmon tule's have been running pretty good here for about a week. My neighbor has been catchin a few 6 to be exact 2 kings 4 jacks . Me I'm still in the fishin stage, but where ever there's a drought there's alway's a flood [​IMG]. He asked if I would process his fish for him. Fillet, smoke and vacuum seal half and the other half just fillet and seal. He offerd me $20 a fish couldn't beleive it. Long story short The person that usually does it charges him that. This year he's to busy I guess. Anyway told him no problem it'll be fun. But there is no way I can charge you 20 a fish. We set a price of $45 this time smoking 1 king and 3 jacks and just filleting and steaking out the rest. Here's a what I smoked. Using Hi MT Alaska salmon brine for 24 hours rinsing padded and air dry for three hrs. Used alder chunks @ 225 till done.
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    Nice smoke my friend, thanks for sharing the Q View. I'm waiting for a salmon slab to thaw for the weekend.
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    Great Looking Salmon, wish we had them around Kansas...[​IMG]

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