Pan Seared Mangrove Snapper...

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Looks delicious Charles! I would dive headfirst into a plate of this. The little girl is adorable!
Come on over and get you some, Steve! That's my 3 year old grandgirl, she's got quite the personality for sure...:emoji_grinning:
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Awesome feast Charles! Congrats on the spinner ride! Well deserved my friend!
Thank you, Keith. It really was one of my best in quite some time...
I'm gonna have to remember those grilled peaches!!!!
Peaches are in abundance now and this is a simple way to fix them. I like to use very ripe or over ripe ones. I always start with the cut side down first and then flip after they get a little char. Honey, cinnamon, a little cayenne, or even coarse salt can be put on them after flipping depending on what you may want the flavor profile to be. I did not put anything on these...
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Fabulous! Congrats on the rotator ride. I especially like the the second to last picture. You guys are bringing her up right. Big like from Big Jake and I.
We try our best to teach our grands the way we were taught. Thank you for the compliments, they are appreciated...
Wow now that's a mighty fine meal Charles and congrats on the ride!
Everything looks great and gotta try those tomatoes! Love getting the grands to help and start the mealtime blessings!

Thanks Keith. I wasn't expecting a ride, but a big THANK YOU to whomever felt it was worthy. We are blessed in that we get to see our grands almost everyday and hopefully have a positive influence on them and their upbringing...
It all looks so good. Everyone is upping their game this week.
Thank you, Chris. I have been real busy lately and haven't had the time to cook much so this was a nice change of pace. Even my grandgirls have been asking why I haven't been cooking. They must be spoiled...:emoji_laughing: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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