hot smoked salmon

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Jan 5, 2022
I smoked a whole salmon yesterday on my bubba grills offset. I followed this recipe. I've never smoked salmon and I discovered it's a messy, expensive thing to prepare. I filleted and then cut up the 20 pound fish into one pound chunks. I brined those for about 8 hours. I rinsed well, then let it dry for three hours. Lastly I smoked it, which took as much as 3.5 hours to reach 140 to 150F internal temp. I opened the doors and basted with maple syrup four times. Sweet. Yummy.

If you're a geek, the attachment shows my home-built temperature controller averaged 3.3F error over the 3.5 hour cook. Keeping the temps low is really important initially. I cooked at 150F for two hours then bumped it up to 200F.


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Sorry you couldn't view the attachment. It was graphs of my temperature controller. I'll get a picture of the salmon posted in a few minutes.
Love your DIY controller and graphs! Now I feel extra simple for just wiring in an Inkbird vs a Pi or Arduino.

Also, nicely done on the Salmon. I know the FDA says it is done at 145F but I really like the results at 137F. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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