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Ribs, Chuck, and Scotch Eggs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by loosechangedru, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. A good friend of mine confessed to ruining some babybacks for his family just recently. After receiving a frustrated text from him mid-dinner, I decided we could tag team some ribs together from across town: I'd run my WSM and he'd smoke on his grill with indirect heat and woodchips in an aluminum pouch, and we'd utilize googlevideo to communicate. Qview SHOULD include ribs from both locations :)

    I picked up st. louis spareribs @ 1.99/lb the last day of the sale! The day before the smoke we trimmed, de-membraned, and seasoned the ribs at my place, and went our separate ways with our separate racks. I also thawed a T-bone for breakfast, a chuck roast for chili, and (at my Other's prompting) threw some scotch eggs together to make the most of my charcoal expenditure. I ALSO also get to use my new Inkbird IBT-4XS for the first time.


    Plan is to start around 1030am EST, I'll post as we go!
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  2. SmokinAl

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    Sounds like fun!
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    Looks like its gonna be fun !
  4. 20181208_105531.jpg 20181208_105548.jpg Things progressing just fine. My buddy is getting his grill up to temp, and I'm already smoking the chuckie and t-bone! JUST about to sear it...
  5. I seared the steak inside on cast iron - I had enough going on without charcoal grilling today. But when that steak hit the pan, my house instantly smelled like smoker. SO GOOD!!
    20181208_115723.jpg 20181208_115957.jpg

    The flavor was huge. It almost made you feel full off one bite. Definitely going to try this with pork chops in the future.
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  6. disco

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    Can you say food art? Big like!
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  7. Man, I still can't get over that steak flavor...

    My buddy's grill is reading 240, and I'm around 235, so on with the ribs. Here's some of his setup.
    48412.jpeg 48413.jpeg
    3, 2, 1, and we'll be done. Inkbird is kinda sensitive compared to my flameboss. It's leveling out and agreeing for the most part, but sometimes there's a 5-10 degree difference. Still pretty useful, though!

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  8. Not lookin' too bad! I hope they'll darken up a bit - I tried not to use too much wood, all I had was hickory and I didn't want to overpower it. Ribs are going to the oven to make room for the scotch eggs for a couple hours.

    20181208_151102.jpg 20181208_152919.jpg

    My buddy snuck a quick peak.


    We're wrapped and back to cookin'
  9. SonnyE

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    How did you capture the screen shot of your Inkbird reads?
    Did you put the App on your computer?

    All looks good from here.
  10. no, my android phone will screenshot on command. I think iPhone does it, too.
  11. Scotch eggs are off, and ribs are back on the grill and smoker, unwrapped.
    20181208_171835.jpg 48451.jpeg
    I think my buddy's look better than mine! To counter, I made my own bbq sauce based off blackberries on sale at the local grocery.
    20181208_162848.jpg 20181208_170758.jpg
    Gonna glaze the ribs with this after the 1 hour smoke is over. I've almost forgot I have a chuck on the bottom grate, but it's puttering along at an IT of 154, so no worry there.
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  12. gmc2003

    gmc2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Nice pull back on them ribs, if you want a deep amber color try using cherry wood.

    Point for sure.
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  13. Thanks, Chris! I've never used cherry wood, I only ever see mesquite, hickory, apple, and pecan in my area, but I'll keep an eye out so I can try it.
  14. Scotch eggs were perfect, and so were both racks.
    20181208_175457.jpg 20181208_182229.jpg
    My buddy and his family couldn't be happier. "Best ribs I've ever made!"

    48478.jpeg 48476.jpeg 48472.jpeg

    I'm pretty satisfied with this blackberry BBQ sauce, too. Definitely a win. I'll be sure to post the chuck when it's done. Still trudging along at 167.
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  15. Finally done! This chuck is cooked, and tender enough for chili :) I'm gonna try injecting with beef broth next time.
    20181208_225235.jpg 20181208_225407.jpg 20181208_225600.jpg 20181208_225948.jpg 20181208_230434.jpg
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  16. All looks great!
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    You had me at scotch eggs...True pub fare! (Rest looks quite fantastic!)
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    LCD, Great post and awesome smoke, everything looks excellent !!!!!!!!