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  1. Preacher Man

    Simple Rib Sammich

    This is why I never care if the McRib stays or leaves. The real trick is making sure your ribs are taken high enough to get a clean rib pull, which is always higher than I schmoke them to just eat at the table. Also, I'm usually a dry ribs guy, but for these I sauce after the wrap to get a good...
  2. disco

    Yum Yum Ribs

    I loved my Yum Yum Chicken recipe. It used a Korean inspired sauce that was delicious. As soon as I tried it on the chicken, I knew I had to try it as a glaze for ribs. Fortune shone on me and the local supermarket had a decent price on a rack of side ribs. It was time. I started by trimming...
  3. Rmartinez2

    Whole Spare ribs

    Hey friends! Tonight i picked up some hickory pellets and decided i wanted to do some pork ribs. I found some decent spare ribs and i was about to start trimming them down and remove the breast plate and all that... i said why dont i do this old school and leave it all on. now my question here...
  4. loosechangedru

    Ribs, Chuck, and Scotch Eggs

    A good friend of mine confessed to ruining some babybacks for his family just recently. After receiving a frustrated text from him mid-dinner, I decided we could tag team some ribs together from across town: I'd run my WSM and he'd smoke on his grill with indirect heat and woodchips in an...
  5. S

    First Time Ribs on the Smoker

    For Father's Day I had my first attempt at ribs in the smoker. I bought two racks of spareribs and coated them with Dinosaur BBQ rub from the store. I did one rack for 2 hrs smoke then wrapped with some apple juice for two more hours. The other rack was dry for the first 3:45 and sauced and...
  6. beef_chief

    Aspiring Pitmaster from Huntsville, AL

    My name is Andrew Phillips, I'm 20 years old and a senior at Auburn University studying industrial and systems engineering. I'm home for the summer now with an internship and taking on a few commissions with my woodworking business (Phillips-Head Woodworks... find me on Instagram/Etsy). I have...