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  1. BarbarianFoodie

    Smoked beef chuck

    Hey all Barbarian here checking in. It's been a while, I hope everyone has been good. Any ways Mrs Barbarian...(she would kill me if she see me calling her barbarian) has a nephew getting hitched here soon and we were asked to smoke up some beef so here it is fellas I seasoned it up last night...
  2. disco

    Pulled Beef Sandwich

    I love pulled beef. It is a piece of chuck that is slow smoked until very tender and them pulled. I have learned to pull beef and mix it with some sauce and grilled onion to make great sandwiches. This is how I do it. Rub a 1 kg (2.2 pound) blade, chuck, or cross rib roast with your favourite...
  3. THutson67

    First chuck

    Tried chuck for the first time, each about 1.5 lbs. I just used some Excalibur steak and roast rub. Smoked around 200 for a couple hours, then bumped to 225. I wrapped in foil at 160 IT and took them to 208. Planned on supper, these were done at 1 pm (started 7 am, I had no clue on time.) I kept...
  4. Rmartinez2

    Smoked Chuck Pot Roast

    Hello Friends, Yesterday I tried something a little different. I saw a pretty inexpensive chuck roast at the store and was planning to slice it but then wondered "would a smoked pot roast taste good?" I'm sure its been done multiple times but mind you this was an original thought in my world...
  5. Preacher Man

    Smoked Chuck Nachos

    Nothing fancy here, just good ol' nachos using beef from my Meal-Prep Chuck haul. The kids wanted to play Monopoly and I needed a meal we could eat while playing. So I did a basic nacho: Heated the smoked chuck in a simmering pot of water. While that was happening, I sliced up some toppings...
  6. S

    Newbie picture of a cook

    Smoked chuck and a couple sides.
  7. M

    Best Cut of Beef for Snack Sticks

    Hi all, I'm a beginner in snack stick making, and know this question has been covered in a post a couple of years back, but I wanted to hear your thoughts on the best cut of beef to use for all-beef snack sticks (no pork in them). I've read that chuck is one of the better options because of...
  8. Preacher Man

    Pre-Cube Chuck for Burnt Ends?

    Smoking a brisket in the early morning. I also found a Chuck Roast for $1.99/lb and thought about doing burnt ends with it. From everything I've read around here, y'all smoke 'em like brisket and cube them up at the end. Has anybody ever pre-cubed the chuck like you do with pork belly burnt...
  9. loosechangedru

    Ribs, Chuck, and Scotch Eggs

    A good friend of mine confessed to ruining some babybacks for his family just recently. After receiving a frustrated text from him mid-dinner, I decided we could tag team some ribs together from across town: I'd run my WSM and he'd smoke on his grill with indirect heat and woodchips in an...
  10. disco

    Chuckie Beef Dip

    I had some friends coming over for a casual dinner. I also had a nice piece of chuck roast. Time for a beef dip! I started with about a 2 kg 4 pound chuck and rubbed it down with SPOG (salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder). I put chunks of one onion, one large carrot, 1 stalk celery and 2...
  11. SmokinAl


    Well after seeing several threads on this including Jeff's newsletter, I had to give it a try. I wouldn't call it poor mans burnt ends, because chucks are way more expensive than brisket. At least down here they are. But I figured it's only Judy & I so I don't need a 15 lb. piece of meat & a...