charcoal grill

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  1. A

    Difficultly grilling on a charcoal grill for a rookie. Need guidance please.

    So I bought a 22-inch Premium Kettle Weber Charcoal Grill. I chose charcoal because from my understanding and research, charcoal grills produce the authentic BBQ flavour and easier to smoke compared to gas grills. As we already know, charcoal grills are more time consuming to set-up even with a...
  2. HowardScott

    Charcoal VS Gas in terms of taste??

    Hi guys. it's me again. If we're comparing charcoal and gas grills in terms of taste? Just trying to quantify the difference to better feel it, say if the charcoal grills have 4 stars rating out of 5, what would that make gas grills 3 or 3.5?
  3. Rmartinez2


    Hey all, it's been a while but just stopping by to share an amazing dinner we had tonight. I found a great ribeye roast at my local grocery which was a shock because you usually don't find this with a fair amount of marbling. I felt this one was more than worthy and was on sale so it just made...
  4. G-Rod

    Trouble with my Char Broil Kettleman

    Three years ago I bought a Char Broil Kettleman (charcoal grill). I have smoked on it before but generally like to use charcoal when doing steaks as I can get ridiculously high heats on it. I also LOVE the grill grate design. For those of you not familiar with it, there is a great write...