Masterbuilt Slow & Cold Smoke Generator Question

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That's the original chip tray .
My Auber is adjusted / fine tuned to hold a steady blinking light . So in theory it's constant heat at the element . So I'm thinking that helps .
Please pardon my ignorance. . .When you say your Auber is adjusted, you are referring to a PID Contriller, Correct?
I haven't ordered mine yet but I like this technique.

When you say your Auber is adjusted, you are referring to a PID Contriller, Correct?
Yes . I have the Auber 1510 ELPM . I use the multi use probes .
I have posted a method of tuning each value one at a time to get it to a steady on - off blink of power to the element . Mine hold within one degree ( it's reaches temp and stays there ) , but I'll say one degree . Does it need that ? No . A stock MES can swing up and down 30 degrees , but the ability is there with the Aubers , so why not ?
I still use a mailbox for lower temp smokes . Mine is galvanized . It's not a worry for me , but certainly support opinions of those who choose not to .
The Auber controller and the insulated box on an MES are a perfect match .

When I burn the wood chunks , I leave the mailbox setup attached , so the intake air is drawn thru the mailbox . It was really a happy accident , that I improved on once I saw it was possible . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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